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Party Face?

By Holly Byerly, LE
Director of Esthetics, Coolsculpting Specialist and VMV Hypoallergenics Brand Educator

After a weekend of “fun”, our regular routines can feel pretty intimidating.

If you look bad all day, you will feel equally as bad – it’s just how it is – if you look good (or at least fake it) you will feel much better, and by the time you finish work you might be feeling up for happy hour – though, I advise to head home and get that much needed beauty sleep.

Here are a few tips to help kick you back into work-ready mode:

Step 1 – Hydrate. Booze zaps hydration internally and externally. Drink water, lots of it.

Step 2 – Shower off the weekend. Stand in the steam. Take your time if you are not in a rush. Wash and scrub that dirty face. I like to use either VMV Hypoallergenics Illuminants + Cleansing Cream or Revision Papaya Enzyme cleanser. Both help to remove dead dull skin cells and overall brighten up your complexion, giving you a revived look instantly. Apply a lightweight moisturizer – the heavier hydrators tend to leave skin feeling greasy and coated – I opt for a mid-weight moisturizer like HVM SkinCare Ceramide Cream or SkinMedica TNS Ceramide cream to give my skin a boost.

Step 3 – Revive your eyes. If you’ve lost some valuable sleep, most likely your eyes show it. A quick trick to help treat puffiness is to use something cool – I like to keep cucumbers AND my SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Gel in my fridge especially for this. Slice thin rounds and place them over your eyes for five to ten minutes. No cucumbers? Cold green tea bags also work well. Still red? Drop a hydrating eye drop into your eyes, close and relax for five minutes. This always does the trick for me and also helps if that headache is right behind the eyes. Hydrate the eye area with Revision Teamine Eye cream or SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair.

Step 4 – Finish your prep with a pop of color and a bit of mascara. Keep it light though as caked on makeup can accentuate dehydrated skin. Opt for a lightweight BB cream – I LOVE Colorescience Even Up or Revision Intellishade® TruPhysical™.

A light dabbing of a concealer under the eyes works great to hide some of the dark circles, just remember – don’t layer it on thick! My personal favorite is Colorescience Total Eye – this one is a three in one eye treatment – de-puffs, hydrates and conceals with a peachy color. Top it all off with a light coat of mascara, blush and HVM SkinCare Lip Plumper and you’re all set.

Step 5 – Drink more water.

Words to the wise:

– Help prevent a hangover by choosing your poison (drinks) wisely. The less sugar, the less likelihood of a brutal hangover. The more glasses of water between drinks, even better! Remember, sweet drinks tend to mask the alcohol flavor, inadvertently encouraging you to drink more.

– Try to stay away from refined sugar on a post party day – this will only aggravate your skin and joints and promote further inflammation throughout the body. Instead, opt for a diluted juice – apple or watermelon are great options – they can help to restore your blood glucose levels and stop any jittery feeling.

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