Venus Viva LogoVenus Viva™ sends multiple fractional radiofrequency (RF) currents into the skin using patented scanner technology. This scanner allows for more uniform, safe and pain free treatments than the traditional RF fractional devices of the past. The energy settings are customized per patient and allow the medial professional to design a treatment that addresses the patient’s specific concerns. The RF tightens existing collagen fibers in the dermis and also stimulates collagen production cells (fibroblasts) to make new collagen for the skin.

The focused energy from the fractional Venus Viva device is used to send microscopic columns of RF energy through the skin to the dermis. The RF causes heat in the dermis injuring existing collagen thus stimulating the body’s own healing response, which is the production of new collagen.

Depending on your complexion, the effects you’ll realize from Venus Viva may include:
• Reduced visibility of pores
• Fading of acne scars
• Skin texture becomes smoother and more consistent
• Evened out skin tone
• Reduced hyperpigmentation and rosacea
• Tightening of lax skin around the neck, jowls and décolletage
• Up to 60% improvement in fine lines, scars and pigmentation problems can be seen after a series of 3 treatments

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Venus Viva is for:
• Patients with acne scars, fine wrinkles, and surface irregularities of the skin
• Patients with pigment irregularities such as sun damage and freckles
• Patients with loose skin who would like a tightening and lifting effect
• Patients who desire a smoother appearance and tightening of their skin
• Patients looking to improve the tone and texture of their skin
• Both men and women
• All skin types, regardless of age or color

These treatments may be bundled in a complete program with other Venus skin tightening treatments, IPL treatments for advanced color correction, chemical peels and microdermabrasion for clearing of acne lesions, neurotoxin and soft tissue fillers to enhance the aesthetic outcomes of the skin, as well as many other complementary treatments.

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