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nutrafol-capsuleThinning hair has multiple root causes; research shows that several underlying factors within the body can impact the hair growth cycle. Nutrofol was developed as a multi-targeted approach that addresses the key sources of hair loss:

Hormones – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) sensitivity can be caused by genetics, stress, poor diet, and/or toxins.
Stress – Physical or emotional stress like giving birth or a demanding job.
Lifestyle – Refers to your surroundings, the products you use, and foods you eat.
Metabolism – Influences how hair follicles receive nutrients from the body.
Nutrition – Nutrient gaps that can result from a poor diet or a compromised gut microbiome.
Aging – The scalp loses collagen and elastin, which are key components for healthy hair and skin.

The Nutrafol daily capsule supplement is clinically tested and dermatologist recommended. It’s available in a 3-month supply.

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Women's Balance Hair Growth NutraceuticalWomen’s Balance Hair Growth Nutraceutical
A daily hair growth supplement designed for women 45 and over experiencing hair thinning. It uses science-backed ingredients to target the root causes of thinning, such as: Hormones, aging, metabolism. Critical nutrients like vitamin B12, amino acids (building blocks of protein), and zinc support healthy hormonal balance to help sustain hair growth and volume.

In a clinical study, 86% of women taking Nutrafol Women’s Balance saw improved hair growth. Clinical studies have also shown that 100% of women had a visible improvement in hair growth, while 80% experienced less hair shedding.

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Womens Vegan Hair Growth NutraceuticalWomen’s Vegan Hair Growth Nutraceutical
A daily hair growth supplement for women ages 18-44 who are experiencing hair thinning. It’s formulated by physicians and contains 100% vegan ingredients like dragonhead and vitamin C, which naturally support the body in its own collagen production. Probiotics optimize gut health to help with the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, contributing to healthy hair growth.

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Nutrafol for MenNutrafol for Men
A medical-grade nutraceutical supplement that addresses the triggers of poor hair health. It contains ingredients that target stress, DHT, free radicals, micro-inflammation and compromised nutrition. Nutrafol for Men uses Synergen Complex®, which includes stress adaptogens, DHT inhibitors, and super-antioxidants.

While Nutrafol for Men supports healthy hair growth and addresses hair loss, it will not reverse a complete lack of hair.

FAQs from the manufacturer

What is a Nutraceutical?
“Nutrient” + “bioactive” = “Nutraceutical”. Nutraceuticals are natural, bio-optimized ingredients, which is exactly what you’ll find in our hair growth supplements. They’re standardized to contain guaranteed amounts of bioactive phytonutrients, and tested for efficacy and healthy use in clinical studies showing specific bioactivities, health benefits, and growth improvements. We took the extra step to patent our nutraceutical ingredient blend, too.

When can I expect to see results?
Everyone’s experience is different, but in our clinical studies, women showed results in 3-6 months. It’s important to remember that healthy hair growth takes time—and of course, consistency is key. If you take Nutrafol daily, here’s a snapshot of what you’re likely to experience:

1-3 months: Strengthen hair from within. Look for shinier hair with less shedding and breakage.

3-6 months: You may notice improvement in fullness and volume.

6+ months: Experience visible changes like faster-growing hair that’s thicker and stronger.

Commitment to Nutrafol has whole-body rewards, too: better sleep, less stress, and clearer skin.

Results may vary.

Is Nutrafol FDA Approved?
The FDA regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs, not supplements. That said, our natural, 100% drug-free supplements are manufactured in the USA in an FDA-certified facility that adheres to the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and uses Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) to ensure its safety.

Will Nutrafol work on my hair type?
Nutrafol was formulated to promote hair growth for all types of hair. While the characteristics of hair strands may vary by ethnicity, the underlying root causes that affect hair follicles can affect all people equally.

In a recent clinical study, we examined the effectiveness of Nutrafol in African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Non-Hispanic men and women. All ethnicities saw less shedding after two months and improved thickness, growth rate, scalp coverage, and shine after six months.

Will hair grow on other parts of my body?
No. Facial and body hair are triggered by different factors than the hair on our head. Saw palmetto helps combat DHT, which may actually prevent facial hair growth.

How does stress negatively impact the hair growth cycle?
Stress can cause the hair follicles to shift from a growth state to a rest state. It can also disrupt hormones and nutrient absorption, impacting hair on multiple levels.

We’re the only hair supplement manafacturer that uses Sensoril® Ashwagandha to balance elevated cortisol (stress hormone) and help you build resistance to stress.

What are the main differences in formulas between Nutrafol Men, Women’s Vegan, Women’s Balance?
Our Hair Growth Nutraceuticals are clinically-effective and physician-formulated to the bio-specific needs of men and women through all life stages and lifestyles. The key root causes of thinning hair affect men and women differently and can change over time—so we created multiple formulas to give your hair exactly what it needs, when it needs it most.

Women’s Vegan is formulated for women 18-44 with the key root causes of thinning focusing on stress and lifestyle habits, plus it is optimized to support plant-based diet’s nutrition and absorption of nutrients in the body that affect hair health.

Women’s Balance is formulated for women 45 and over to support the key root causes of hair thinning for women such as stress with optimized support for hormonal changes, such as menopause that affect hair health.

Men’s formula multi-targets the key root causes of thinning for men 18 and over such as stress and poor nutrition with optimized support of hair-growth inhibiting DHT hormone, without compromising sexual performance.

What is dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?
DHT is an androgen – a male sex hormone. It is involved in the regulation and development of male sex characteristics. As well as being important to the development of male embryos and during puberty, DHT is also an important factor in hair thinning. DHT can cause hair loss by binding to androgen receptors in the hair follicle, causing it to shrink. The follicle continues to shrink and weaken over time until it eventually dies.

Can I take Nutrafol with hormone replacement therapy?
Yes. The ingredients in Nutrafol have no known interactions with estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone replacement therapy. Always talk to your doctor about any change in your supplement routine.

How does menopause affect hair growth?
As menopause begins, estrogen and progesterone decline rapidly. Testosterone also declines, but at a much slower rate. The resulting testosterone dominance contributes to overall thinning hair, a widening part, receding hairline, and even unwanted facial hair growth. It’s also found that in menopause, women’s stress hormones increase, antioxidant stores decline, and metabolism and nutritional needs change. Nutrafol Women’s Balance targets these root causes too.

Should I take Women’s Balance if I am not in menopause?
While Women’s Balance was formulated for women experiencing changes in their hair due to menopause or perimenopause, Women’s Balance can be taken if you’re noticing a widened part, receding hairline, excessive facial hair growth, or irregular periods.

How is Nutrafol different from other hair growth products?
In short, we provide hair growth solutions that are formulated with natural, 100% drug-free ingredients backed by clinical studies and published ingredient research, whereas many supplements are not clinically tested for efficacy. Other supplements have may have variable potency and can be poorly absorbed.


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