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Ultimate Contour

 Ultimate Contour logoTwo complementary modalities – a revolution in body contouring.

What Is Ultimate Contour?

Ultimate Contour is a non-invasive procedure designed to change the appearance of the treated area by using a combination of ultrasound and/or radio frequency (RF) energy to cause reduction in fat and circumference, skin tightening and for temporary lessening in the appearance of cellulite. It triggers metabolic processes through uniform deep tissue heating, which breaks down fats.

It is the only FDA-cleared low-frequency ultrasound and radiofrequency device that provides painless, immediate results.

Which conditions can be treated?

It is used most frequently to reduce the circumference of the abdomen and thighs, for cellulite reduction, and for skin tightening and toning of the arms, abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, and calves. Ultimate Contour is not a weight-loss solution and it does not replace traditional methods of weight reduction such as diet and exercise.

Is Ultimate Contour right for me?

Anyone wanting to reduce the appearance of stubborn fat, cellulite or skin laxity is a perfect candidate. You should be in good overall health and looking to address specific areas, such as the abdomen or “love handles”. Ultimate Contour is FDA-cleared for abdominal circumference reduction in candidates with the body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater.

Key Benefits and Typical Results

  • Fast results. Patients can lose up to an inch or more in waist circumference on their first visit – and more with time and additional treatments.
  • Targets specific zones such as the belly, love handles, knees and more. Your practitioner can treat these problem areas precisely, ensuring better and more defined results.
  • Non-invasive. This makes it much safer and less painful than surgical cosmetic treatments.
  • Does not cause any pain. Patients say it feels similar to a hot stone massage.
  • No downtime. Shortly after the treatment, patients can return to their normal daily routine.
  • Works on all skin types and colors and can be used on many parts of the body.

Before and after one, two and three treatments

Before and after one treatment

Before and after one treatment

Before and after one treatment

Before and after one, two and three treatments

Before and after one, two and three treatments

Before MRI measurement is 1.65 CM and the after is 1.48.
That is an 11% decrease in fat in one treatment in less than 12 hours.

Before and after five treatments

Before and after one treatment

Before and after one treatment

Before and after third treatment

How do I prepare for treatment?

We suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment and to not consume a large meal or drink immediately prior since we will be applying pressure to your abdominal area for a period of 20 to 40 minutes.

  • Get plenty of hydration the day before and early on the day of treatment.
  • Avoid eating a large meal for two hours prior to the treatment
  • Limit alcohol consumption 48 hours prior as this can interfere with the metabolism involved in the lipolysis process.


What happens during treatment?

For a typical abdominal treatment, the area will be segmented into four quadrants. Then a gel is applied to lubricate the skin and to improve energy absorption. A handpiece is applied to the skin, working across the four treatment areas, one a time. Most patients report feeling no pain during the treatment but many patients hear an internal ringing sound during the application of the ultrasound energy. This is completely normal and after a while you get used to the feeling. You can return to regular daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Post-treatment care or downtime?

You may experience redness or tenderness of the skin immediately after the treatment but typically it subsides within a few hours. Most patients report feeling no pain during the treatment and no downtime following the treatment.

  • Avoid eating a large meal for two hours after treatment
  • Keep away from intense heat such as a sauna or hot shower until any redness or tenderness subsides

Ultimate Contour is FDA-cleared and has been tested in many clinical studies. Similar devices have been on the market for decades with a proven track record for safety. There are very few risks associated with this procedure and no downtime. Potential side effects will be discussed with you during a free, no obligation consultation.

Additional pre and post-care tips

How long until I see results?

For fat loss, you may start to see changes immediately following the first treatment— some patients see a full inch of reduction in waist circumference after just one session. However, for the full effects it typically takes six to eight weeks for the body to fully process the destroyed fat cells. For skin tightening and cellulite, it takes a month or more to see improvement as the body needs time for collagen and elastin growth to take effect. And as with fat loss, multiple treatments are generally required to achieve the desired outcome.

How long will results last?

The improvement in skin quality should last six to twelve months on average. Some patients may want one to two treatments per year for optimal preservation of outcomes. However, maintaining the results of body contouring treatments is also subject to a person’s calorie intake, exercise and lifestyle; a good diet and regular exercise program will help to extend the desired treatment effects.

How many treatments will I need?

Though you may see immediate results after your first procedure, the best results are obtained by applying multiple treatments to a single area over a period of two to three months. Patients typically schedule three to six sessions spaced one to two weeks apart to achieve their goals.

Can this treatment be used as part of a combo therapy?

Yes, we offer other body contouring treatments such as Emsculpt and Coolsculpting, which when combined can help you achieve superior results over a shorter time period. You and your practitioner can review options and customize a therapy plan that’s right for you during your complimentary consultation.

What is the science?

The underlying concept is lipolysis, a chemical process that breaks down fats and other lipids in the body to remove unwanted fat tissue deposits. Low frequency ultrasound sends a disruptive vibration that breaks apart fat cells. Voids and pockets are introduced in fat tissue that mechanically rupture the fat cell membranes. Once disrupted, the contents are metabolized and eliminated from the body naturally over time.

When used for skin tightening, Ultimate Contour uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin. The applied heat causes collagen to contract, and encourages new collagen and elastin creation and growth, resulting in the reduction of skin laxity, creating smoother skin. For the reduction in the appearance of cellulite, RF energy targets the deposits of fat under the skin, tightens the underlying tissue and increases blood circulation to help lessen the look of cellulite over time.

Low-frequency ultrasound has the unique ability to disrupt fat without creating excessive heat, which means more control over the treated area and practically no discomfort. When combined with radiofrequency, it can aid in improving the skin’s overall tone, texture and laxity while reducing the volume of the treated area.

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