I have had the best consultations and treatments with Linda Behla. I was interested in improving my skin, but also a little hesitant because I didn’t know much about the different treatments available. Linda did an amazing job of putting me at ease, explaining what was available, and advising me. She was very good at suggesting what she thought I was ready for (never pushy). Her treatments were wonderful, and I’ve had consistent, noticeable results. Most important, Linda is personable and very easy to talk with. I have sent many of my friends to her, and will continue to do so. Highly recommended!
Trine M.

As usual my treatment with Victoria was lovely. The treatment was on time, the pain management was appropriate and the education was helpful.
Nicole M.

I’ve been getting laser with Denise at HVME for over 3 months now (on my 3rd appointment) and have had a wonderful experience. Denise is amazing. She makes me feel comfortable, she’s attentive, and she makes an otherwise *pretty painful* process pleasant!

I’ve been recommending this place for a while now for facials (with Jessica!), but have since added laser with Denise to the list! The HVME team is prompt, efficient, and professional.

Pro tip: book far in advance as they’re in high demand due to their stellar customer service!
Alex Y.

Linda has been doing my Botox for years. She is amazing. I appreciate her ability to listen to feedback and make adjustments. My face has changed over the last 15 years. She treats every visit as if it is the first. Ask questions, modifies her approach, based on my concerns. Also helps that she is an amazing human that I just simply enjoy.
Rachel D.

YES! Hayes Valley Larkspur and Linda and Sheila! Chronologically, the services are great from making the appointment online to having adequate reminders, very important as we get older! Next you meet Sheila who really runs a tight ship and keeps all your appointment information and award points straight, and is so much fun to talk to. Next you see Linda, a genius with all fillers and Botox/Dysport. She has a great eye for aesthetics, but equal technical skill, and an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and physiology. She is using Bellafill, a longer lasting filler, and my results have been amazing. Rested, youthful, smoother face. I can’t recommend Hayes Valley more, and will continue to go there for the skillful application of the newest and best products.
Lil Vindaloo M.

Hayes Valley Medical and Esthetics is my go-to spot for all procedures and this review is far overdue!

Firstly, the front desk staff are the best! Always friendly and adept at their jobs and the place is inviting and comfortable.

Let’s talk skin care… Jessica is my gal for all things in this department. I have been a client of Jessica’s for a few years now, she knows my skin and knows exactly what it needs.

Recently came in for a micro needling session with her and couldn’t be happier with the results. She is professional but puts you at ease. She answered all my questions and gave me product suggestions. [Single best thing is…] Reduction of pore size after the 1st session! I am beyond happy and looking forward to my next visit.

Lastly, I must send a shout out to Cherie, she worked her magic on my lips a little over 5 months ago and I am still in love with the results! I’ve had bad reactions to lip filler treatments in the past, intense bruising and pain… But not with Cherie’s gentle touch and expertise. She was extremely accommodating and I’m not sure how she does it… but it was virtually painless! My lips look amazing and it’s all thanks to her!

Over all Hayes Valley is a 10/10 in my book!
Angelica I.

I went to the Larkspur location yesterday for a facial with Nicole.
This was the first time i have been to this clinic. The facility was beautiful and impeccably clean.

I was greeted by several friendly faces and my appointment started right on time.
From Nicole I received the best facial I have ever had. The room was serene, the table was warm and the products used were all high end and left my skin glowing.

In the past at other clinics I have left facial appointments rather disappointed – feeling my skin was clean but not necessarily that my pores were clear or skin tighter.

Not the case here! When I left my skin felt tighter, brighter and I could not find one clogged pore. I will be recommending this clinic to my friends and hope to see Nicole for facials on a regular basis moving forward.

Thanks for the amazing treatment!
Taylor W.

Linda is absolutely incredible and an absolute master of her craft! I get nervous to come in and she is great at making me feel comfortable and taken care of. The services I have received at Hayes are far better than anywhere else I’ve gone in Marin. The location has easy parking and all the staff are friendly and on top of things. Also if you get nervous they give you a vibrating stress ball for your tummy and talk to you to make you feel at ease. The service is top-notch and I always look forward to going. I absolutely love hayes valley medical and will never go anywhere else! It’s also more affordable than LaserAway and they do a better job. Highly highly recommend!
Larisa S.

This review is for Denise, omg this lady knows her S**T! I have a gummie smile only on my right side that bothered the hell out of me and she was perfectly able to correct it while still giving me natural overall plump lips which was exactly what I was going for. For my Botox she walked me through it and I felt comfortable enough to proceed. Again I was going for natural and subtle and it’s not like I had a lot or deep forehead wrinkles. And she worked her magic! It’s been almost a month and the results have been amazing!! I can’t stop looking at myself! I love how both my facial and fillers/Botox have allowed me to feel more confident in my natural skin. I wear less makeup! Seriously! I now just wear mascara and do my brows. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know! I can’t say enough good things about this place!
Sam G.

I was at a party a few months ago and noticed how gorgeous one of my friends looked. I asked her if had just returned from vacation or a spa. She was glowing and her face looked relaxed and younger. She told me her secret was Linda at Hayes Valley Medical Asthetics. I called Linda the next day.

On my initial visit I had a consultation. Linda was incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, and kind. I am very picky and slightly obsessive about my skin. I have sensitive skin, I am in my late 40’s and I sometimes have breakouts in addition to aging skin. I was looking for a natural looking treatment to help with some deep wrinkles and sagging skin. I have used Botox and fillers in the past and mostly liked the results but have had treatments from other people that do not look natural enough to me.

After my consultation I could tell Linda really knew her stuff and I was optimistic about her plan. She suggested Sculptra and Botox treatments to achieve the results I was looking for. I didn’t know much about Sculptra. She was incredibly patient with me while I pelted her with questions and concerns. She answered my question and helped come up with a plan that worked around my busy schedule and budget.

Fast forward a couple months….two Sculptra treatments, a little Botox, some carefully selected products and my skin looks better than it has in years. I don’t look” done” or puffy. I just look younger and prettier than before. I even have tightening in my neck and jaw line. I have received so many compliments the last few weeks. I am really seeing a difference.

Linda is a master at what she does. She is gentle and skilled at doing injections. Even the day after both of my Sculptra treatments I had very little swelling. I highly recommend Linda and Sculptra for amazing results that look natural. Thanks Linda!!
Lynn M.

I live around the corner from HVME and initially found them out of sheer convenience and couldn’t have been luckier that I did! I can’t say enough positive things about this place. The entire staff is lovely, super helpful and makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the door.

I’ve been seeing Jessica Hong for facials for a couple of years and truly don’t know what I would do without her. HVME is always up to date with the latest in skin care treatments and I love coming in and trying the newest thing that always makes my face glow.

They dont nickel and dime you, they genuinely want to take care of you and your face and I’d recommend Jessica and this place to anyone (and I frequently do!)

They also offer the entire suite of age-fighting treatments and they make it all very approachable and look natural.

Don’t hesitate to visit this special place, I do frequently!
Amy A.

Linda is an artist when it comes to product and always knows how much, how little, where and where not to use it. She deserves my kudos and more!
Kirsten P.

I met Linda Behla, RN, who is an outstanding Aesthetic Nurse Specialist! She is informative, comprehensive, and passionate about her work; she truly cares about her clientele! She is a good listener and builds quick rapport with her clients. It’s nice to have someone you click with who has the skills, knowledge and abilities to walk you through the spa experience. I really feel at ease with Linda and can share my thoughts and concerns. Upon Linda’s advice, I tried some new treatments. I am good student of regular skin care, but wanted to try something beyond “home care”. Wow! What a difference! Forget your next pair of shoes and don’t forget to buy the skin care products! Take Linda’s advice and get the results you deserve! My friends and family saw an immediate change in my skin and I felt the money was well spent. I had no idea HOW much an improvement was possible. Looking back at old pictures… Yikes!
Wendy D.

I wanted to give a big shout out to Cherie, she totally changed my face for the better! She is a miracle worker with injections. I have never been happier with my results than I have been once I started seeing her at Hayes Valley. I had a very thin, wrinkled upper lip that looks smooth and full now. I also didn’t have much definition in my cheekbones prior to working with her and now they look fierce! I’ll be looking forward to seeing her again when I need a touch up.
Hallie K.

I received a gift certificate and was nervous about even going until they set me up with Linda Behla. I am a total facial virgin. I had never had a facial much less ever wear makeup and Linda walked me through all my options to get the results I wanted. Coming up on one of those big birthdays, I knew it was time to do a little something-something on my face but I didn’t know where to begin. Linda took the time to sit with me and put my mind at ease while giving me some pretty terrific tips. Within a short period of time we put a plan into place to make some changes I desperately needed. Did I mention there consultations are FREE! Having the chance to go in and really understand what I needed without the fee is one of the best parts. They have made me a true believer and a devoted customer.
Nicole A.

I absolutely love this office and the staff! I moved from Philadelphia and was nervous to find a new provider. They are amazing!!! Always a very pleasant experience and such lovely people working here! I always have fabulous results and get exactly what I need or want. I have been to several of the providers from HVME and it doesn’t matter who I see it is always Perfection!
Kelly D.

I’ve been going to Linda Behla for injectables and now a series of IPL treatments. I cannot say enough great things about her, from her confidence and expertise to personable approach. She made me feel at ease and was always looking out for my comfort, balanced with her knowledge on how high the intensity needs to be in order to get results! I can tell she really cares that I am happy with my final results and that I am comforted. She is determined to get me younger, clear, spot-free skin! Thank you, Linda!
Robin L.

I usually wait to give my review until I have visited a place a few times to make sure it is consistent in regards to customer service. I was very pleased. I have been seeing Yvette for a little over a month now and she is wonderful. I do not like needles, at all!! She was very sensitive to that and a good listener. This was the first time I had ever visited a medical spa so I was nervous and uncertain if I wanted to proceed. I did research a TON before deciding to come here. The front desk was also very welcoming and professional.

I ended up getting Botox and a little filler. I was concerned about looking a bit Joan Rivers-ish (although she was one of my fave comedians!). But Yvette made the whole process seamless. She explained everything from start to finish and answered all my questions. She’s very professional. I look more refreshed now but still natural. I’m looking forward to my micro needling appointment!
Consuelo J.

My favorite place! Between Botox, fillers, IPL and lasers I feel like I’m here a lot! But I love it. Everyone here is friendly and professional! I am in the beauty industry and I recommend every one of my friends and clients come here, not one person has been disappointed. Amazing staff and amazing results! Do not hesitate to book an appointment here!
Emma J.

First time customer @ Hayes Valley Medical and Esthetics. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by Erica and my Esthetician, Jessica. The appearance and energy of this place were both relaxing and light.

Jessica’s touch and technique were gentle, thorough, and smooth in transition. If you you want superb experience, make an appt with her. I will be returning soon!
Virginia B.

I have to give a shout-out to Linda Behla. Her discerning eye and caring attitude was worth the hour-long drive for her injectables. I was thrilled as I had seen other aesthetic nurses / MD’s and while they did “fine” work, Linda’s work was always “spot-on” perfect. Never too much or too little. She definitely has an eye for LIPS!  The BEST! I LOVE her! She really takes care of me and takes her time; I have no doubt she does the same for all her clients.
Lisa G.

Lauren is absolutely AMAZING!!! Not only does she always sprinkle the perfect amount of botox to make my face look natural, she is the best lip filler I’ve ever had. She is very gentle, has an excellent artistic eye, and it doesn’t hurt at all. The last place I went bruised me up and it was terribly painful, I wasn’t even sure I’d do it again until I saw Lauren. I was able to go out immediately after my treatment and you couldn’t tell I had anything done. I look amazing because of you and my husband doesn’t even know I’ve had anything done, I just always look beautiful. Thanks Lauren!!!
Veronika C.

Love love love this amazing place! I have been so lucky to have seen Kate Ratto at Hayes Valley! I wanted to have some botox and a little filler but still wanted a natural look. Kate was fantastic. She is professional, knowledgeable and really listens to your concerns. I always walk out feeling refreshed and looking vibrant. Recently, Kate did a series of lasers for me and I couldnt believe how great my skin looks. I swear it erased years of sun damage and made my skin look years younger. If you are at all scared, Kate puts you at ease with her years of experience and sweet personality. The office is beautiful and all who work there are lovely and supportive. If you’re looking to feel and look your very best, go see Kate Ratto. You’ll be so happy with the results.
Cindy G.

Microdermabrasion with Elizabeth was awesome!

I haven’t had microdermabrasion in a couple years and really wanted my skin to look great for an upcoming trip. Elizabeth did microderm, a light peel and extractions around my nose. My skin feels and looks so much smoother, even my makeup looks better. Elizabeth has been in the esthetics industry for years so I felt really comfortable and trusted her recommendations. I like that HMVE has Saturday appointments available as I work full time and commute. I will absolutely be booking another treatment soon!
Danielle D.

So excited about Hayes Valley Medical coming to downtown Larkpsur. Linda is my go to gal, and the rest of their staff and team don’t fall short either. The new space is invited, hip decor and easy to relax. No matter what you are looking for, basic skin care treatments, botox or a little filler, they will guide you on what products fit your needs best, and never make you feel over done. Another bonus is they almost alway have some kind of special going, so you can expect to get your best deal in Marin.
Kristy R.

Everyone is so professional and educated in all the latest skincare at Hayes Valley Medical clinic, not to mention the new location is stocked with all the latest in aesthetic technology, is spotless, beautiful and has easy parking! Ali Quistgard continues to be the gold standard in facials; She can do everything from a good old fashioned deep cleansing facial to micro-penning, derma planing, peels, LED and micro-current. It’s impossible to leave without much improved skin. She has also had advanced training in cool sculpting, and is very skilled and nurturing. All of the nurses at Hayes Valley are very knowledgeable in all areas of medical aesthetic procedures and injections. I especially like that they take photos and keep careful records so that you can track your progress and identify your goals. The manager, Sheila has a wealth of knowledge and is very patient in advising each client. Time for spring cleaning and mine as well start with your skin!
Kimberly B.

A friend recommended Linda Behla, R.N. and it was love at first visit. Too many years in the California sun has taken its toll on my skin. I wanted to achieve a more even and brighter skin tone. I also wanted an anti-aging skin regime that delivered noticeable results. Linda recommended IPL and I’m simply blown away by the results. I can’t believe how clear my skin looks after just a few treatments. Linda also recommended a skincare routine that has been easy to maintain. Every morning when I take care of my skin with the products Linda recommended, I feel like I’m getting a skin treatment. It was a bit of an investment initially but I think it’s worth it to see your best self every time you look in the mirror. Linda is also committed to giving you the results you want. She listens, she’s skilled and she wants the very best for her clients. She treated me with such care and was so knowledgeable, I felt completely confident about every procedure and product she recommended. Go see Linda and get ready for results.
Grace W.



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Kirsten S.
Linda and staff are amazing. I am always very happy with my treatment results. It is apparent that she researches various technologies and techniques. The applications are always evolving with new and improved products. Highly recommended.
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Suzanne P.
Excellent service and an overall pleasant experience. Victoria was professional and knowledgeable. She proposed treatments addressing both my anesthetic and medical concerns.. I could not be happier with the results. Also, the Receptionist, Mattie, was pleasant and efficient. I look forward to future treatments.
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Lisa M.
Hayes Valley is the best! Kate did an incredible job with Dysport removing the wrinkles from my forehead, Sandra gave me great abs and glutes with Emsculpt, and Linda gave me my youthful facial structure back with Sculptra. These women are truly amazing. So glad that I found them!
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Gene V.
I love Hayes Valley Medical and Esthetics! I've been coming for a while now for Botox and filler treatments. Linda is AMAZING! She knows just the right amount of product needed in all the right places to bring out my best facial features. I feel more handsome every time!!

The front desk staff are super sweet and helpful. They always ask exactly what I want and I never feel like I'm being 'upsold' or encouraged to do anything other than what I came in for. I would highly recommend HVME to anybody that is on the unsure about trying some of the services they offer. You won't be disappointed. Thank you!!
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Julie S.
This was my first experience with any filler/injection treatment and it was very pleasant, professional and everyone there made me feel safe, welcome and I felt very knowledgeable coming out of my treatment about what to expect. I will absolutely be back!
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Tina B.
Diana at the front desk is so sweet, the medical assistant was amazing & personable and Kate who did my procedure is my favorite! As I walked out and met my husband, I told him how much I enjoy being there & what a good vibe Hayes has.
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Cher B.
Sheila and Linda took great care of me and I look younger and vibrant.  I do not trust anyone else for injectables.  Linda is careful, thoughtful, and respectful of one’s budget. I have followed her from Marin into SF and I will continue to follow her where ever she practices.
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Emily N.
I highly recommend Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics!! All the front desk staff are warm, friendly and professional and Denise is the best for laser, she goes above to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Andrea is exceptional at explaining the services they offer. They are the best in SF in my opinion and I do my research!
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Kathleen F.
Excellent customer service, advice, and care. Botox and Microneedling. Melonie is a gem. She is extremely knowledgable, sincere and honest. Everyone here is helpful, They carry a fabulous array of skin products too. I am so pleased with my results!
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