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The Restylane Family of Fillers

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restylane fillers gel photoRestylane fillers by Galderma have been used over 40 million times worldwide to create a younger-looking appearance in male and female patients over the age of 21. Restylane’s Hyaluronic Acid (HA) formulation acts like your own naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid so you can show your individual range of facial expressions fluidly, without stiffness. No one will guess you are a filler user! All are FDA-approved and naturally dissolve over months. Restylane can also be used to treat under-eye bags or shadow circles.

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Galderma Aesthetic Injectable Products Overview

Restylane with NASHA Technology

NASHA technology relies largely on a natural cross-linked entanglement of hyaluronic acid strands which creates a firmer gel texture intended for a more pronounced lift. A small number of additional cross-links are added to slow degradation in the body and prolong the gel’s effect. Since NASHA features a pronounced lifting capacity in a smooth gel, it enables precision sculpting for projection and definition and is used where a firmer product is preferred.

RESTYLANE is formulated for lip enhancement, and to treat moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles, including nasolabial folds (which run from nose to corners of the mouth) and marionette lines (which run from corners of the mouth towards the chin.) In a clinical study, subjects saw a 95% improvement even 18 months after initial injection.

SILK is designed to treat the wrinkles around the mouth, vertical lines above the lips, and for lip augmentation. Your lips will maintain their natural look and movement, but look silkier, smoother, creating an overall younger appearance to your face. In a clinical study, 98% reported visible improvement in lip fullness.

LYFT (previously known as Perlane) treats wrinkles and volume loss in the cheeks, midface area, and hands. In a clinical study, 95% of subjects saw improvement two months after treatment.

Restylane with XpresHAn Technology

XpressHAn Technology (globally known as Optimal Balance Technology) is an innovative collection of hyaluronic acid (HA) formulations used to produce a wide range of gel textures by varying the number of cross-links between HA molecules. Fewer cross-links provide a softer gel, while more cross-links between HA molecules result in a firmer gel. These injectables are used to add volume in the midface, or to enhance contours for patients with thinner tissue coverage where a softer product is preferred. Restylane XpressHAn gels are also used for dynamic areas of the face such as lips and cheek wrinkles.

REFYNE Look like you, while this next-generation filler supports your skin and softens laugh lines. Refyne is designed for true-to-life results so you look natural even while frowning, smiling, or puckering your lips. In a clinical study, 97% were satisfied with their results.

DEFYNE smooths deep nasolabial and marionette lines of the face, while supporting flexibility through your full facial expression range, and also enhances chin projection. Did you know that chins can recede as we age? This chin retrusion can be improved. In a clinical study, 97% would do the treatment again.

KYSSE is a flexible, natural-looking and longer-lasting filler for lip augmentation and for perioral lines (wrinkles above the mouth.) Kysse also enhances the color and texture of lips. It’s gel formulation allows for natural looking lips. In a clinical study, 96% of subjects agreed their lips look natural.

CONTOUR is developed for natural-looking correction of mid-face counters and for cheek augmentation. In a clinical study, 98% of patients were satisfied with their result one year after initial treatment.

What to expect with a Restylane treatment
Depending on how large an area of your skin you’re having treated, Restylane injections can take from 15 minutes to an hour. You can have the procedure during your lunch break and return to work or other routine activities immediately afterward. Pain and discomfort is generally minimal and well tolerated. A very fine needle is used for the injections. If you’re concerned, however, you can request a topical anesthetic to numb the skin before the injection.

No allergy testing is typically necessary prior to treatment. Restylane does not contain any animal proteins, so your body is highly unlikely to have an allergic reaction to it. But, like other dermal fillers, Restylane may produce some post-treatment side effects. Most are very mild, and include swelling, redness, and possible bruising. They’re usually gone within a few hours or a few days.

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Gene V.
I love Hayes Valley Medical and Esthetics! I've been coming for a while now for Botox and filler treatments. Linda is AMAZING! She knows just the right amount of product needed in all the right places to bring out my best facial features. I feel more handsome every time!!

The front desk staff are super sweet and helpful. They always ask exactly what I want and I never feel like I'm being 'upsold' or encouraged to do anything other than what I came in for. I would highly recommend HVME to anybody that is on the unsure about trying some of the services they offer. You won't be disappointed. Thank you!!
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Julie S.
This was my first experience with any filler/injection treatment and it was very pleasant, professional and everyone there made me feel safe, welcome and I felt very knowledgeable coming out of my treatment about what to expect. I will absolutely be back!
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Tina B.
Diana at the front desk is so sweet, the medical assistant was amazing & personable and Kate who did my procedure is my favorite! As I walked out and met my husband, I told him how much I enjoy being there & what a good vibe Hayes has.
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Cher B.
Sheila and Linda took great care of me and I look younger and vibrant.  I do not trust anyone else for injectables.  Linda is careful, thoughtful, and respectful of one’s budget. I have followed her from Marin into SF and I will continue to follow her where ever she practices.
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Emily N.
I highly recommend Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics!! All the front desk staff are warm, friendly and professional and Denise is the best for laser, she goes above to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Andrea is exceptional at explaining the services they offer. They are the best in SF in my opinion and I do my research!
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Kathleen F.
Excellent customer service, advice, and care. Botox and Microneedling. Melonie is a gem. She is extremely knowledgable, sincere and honest. Everyone here is helpful, They carry a fabulous array of skin products too. I am so pleased with my results!
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