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There’s a difference between fat reduction and weight loss.
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When we diet and lose weight, it’s the size of our fat cells that shrinks, not the number of fat cells in our body. When we stop dieting, those same fat cells can enlarge again. CoolSculpting non-surgically and effectively freezes away fat cells for good. This device is the only FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling. Over the weeks following a treatment, frozen fat cells are absorbed by the body.

CoolSculpting is now FDA-cleared to treat the submandibular area. It also received clearance to treat patients with a BMI of up to 46 when treating the area below the jawline, so it can now be used in heavier patients for reducing fat around the chin.

And we have CoolSculpting with CoolAdvantage – the latest technology allows us to treat areas faster, with less discomfort, and more effectively.

newbeauty magazine 2018 award winnerCoolSculpting was a winner of the coveted NEWBEAUTY Best-of Awards two years in a row:
2018 – “Fight Fat In A Flash”
2019 – “Best Non-invasive Fat Eliminator”

kristin davis coolsculpting video Actress, philanthropist and mom, Kristin Davis, is joining the CoolSculpting movement to freeze away stubborn fat. Kristin is partnering with CoolSculpting to educate women about the treatment as the solution to fit into their favorite pair of jeans. We’ve put together four very short videos on why she chose Coolsculpting.


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Debra Messing Coolsculpting Videocoolsculpting-video-full-procedureian poulters challenge
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coolsculpting video thumbnail--in-office videocool-sculpting-in-the-news-thumbCoolsculpting Video - thats cool

CoolSculpting is approved to treat ALL of these areas!

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How it Works

coolsculpting fat cell chart
1.) Many of us have bulges of stubborn fat, like muffin tops
2.) Yellow large fat cells
3.) Blue represents fat cells that have been frozen by a CoolSculpting treatment.
4.) Frozen cells shrink, die, and are absorbed by the body for up to six months after treatment.
5.) After your treatment, far fewer yellow fat cells remain. Externally, results are visible. You may not weigh less, but you’ll look thinner.
6. CoolSculpting lets you say “goodbye” to stubborn fat.

The before and after photos below showing results to eliminate a double chin were achieved after just two CoolSculpting treatments.

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Results May Vary


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