Attiva Radiofrequency (RF) System

Available at our Larkspur location.

Attiva Radiofrequency (RF) SystemLoved in Europe for years, Attiva is now available in the U.S. and represents the future of non-surgical esthetic treatments. If you wish you could renew and tighten your skin without going under the knife—turn back the clock with Attiva!

What is Attiva RF?

Attiva presents a new benchmark in the medical treatment of aging, loose skin without surgery or surface injury. It is FDA-approved, has three international patents, and has been subjected to six years of testing and scientific research.

Using a thin and flexible tube, Attiva’s radiofrequency is delivered to the middle layer of the skin where accumulated heat stimulates production of new collagen and elastin.

You may expect a short treatment appointment, little to no downtime, minimal bruising/swelling, and immediate results—with continual enhancement for two to three months after treatment.

With customized treatment settings, Attiva can:

  • be used for tightening and lifting the skin on the face, eyelids, neck, abdomen, thighs, upper arms, and more.
  • target fat cells, breaking them down and flushing them away through the lymphatic pathways.
  • address scaring by breaking down scar fibers and stimulating circulation.
  • trigger collagen synthesis to improve signs of aging on the skins surface—laxity, uneven tone or texture, crepey skin, and lines.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Enhanced facial contours.
  • Healthier-looking and firmer skin.
  • Improved skin elasticity (bounce back).
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Smoother and more even skin texture.
  • Improved skin tone and color.
  • Body contouring and skin tightening.


Attiva Radiofrequency (RF) before and after photos
Attiva Radiofrequency (RF) before and after photos

Is Attiva right for me?

Attiva is suitable for all skin types and can be performed on numerous facial and body areas.

What’s the Science?

A gold-standard of anti-aging therapy, radiofrequency (RF), is generally delivered through micro-needles which break the skin surface over an entire treatment area. Attiva delivers RF energy under the skin, without damaging the surface, using a Subdermal Induced Heat Technology (S.I.H.) delivery system, which incorporates three types of radiofrequency currents to uniformly heat tissue layers.

The reason RF is so effective and safe is its reliance on natural processes within the skin where collagen is produced. Your collagen structure provides youthful firmness to your skin. As you age, collagen decreases, leading to saggy skin and wrinkles.

Application of RF energy breaks down old collagen fibers which are naturally eliminated through your lymphatic system. Simultaneously, the healing process and cellular metabolism are triggered, and microcirculation and oxygenation increase. A new, firmer collagen structure is created.

Attiva pairs its groundbreaking RF delivery technology with a thermal imaging camera and display which allows our practitioners to visualize the target area and make guided and precise adjustments to your treatment, thus ensuring optimal therapeutic levels and safety.

If you would like to tighten skin and smooth out wrinkles in a single session without the downtime and the risk associated with surgery book an appointment with one our experts to learn more and determine if Attiva is a good choice for improving your skin’s appearance.



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Kirsten S.
Linda and staff are amazing. I am always very happy with my treatment results. It is apparent that she researches various technologies and techniques. The applications are always evolving with new and improved products. Highly recommended.
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Excellent service and an overall pleasant experience. Victoria was professional and knowledgeable. She proposed treatments addressing both my anesthetic and medical concerns.. I could not be happier with the results. Also, the Receptionist, Mattie, was pleasant and efficient. I look forward to future treatments.
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Lisa M.
Hayes Valley is the best! Kate did an incredible job with Dysport removing the wrinkles from my forehead, Sandra gave me great abs and glutes with Emsculpt, and Linda gave me my youthful facial structure back with Sculptra. These women are truly amazing. So glad that I found them!
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I love Hayes Valley Medical and Esthetics! I've been coming for a while now for Botox and filler treatments. Linda is AMAZING! She knows just the right amount of product needed in all the right places to bring out my best facial features. I feel more handsome every time!!

The front desk staff are super sweet and helpful. They always ask exactly what I want and I never feel like I'm being 'upsold' or encouraged to do anything other than what I came in for. I would highly recommend HVME to anybody that is on the unsure about trying some of the services they offer. You won't be disappointed. Thank you!!
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This was my first experience with any filler/injection treatment and it was very pleasant, professional and everyone there made me feel safe, welcome and I felt very knowledgeable coming out of my treatment about what to expect. I will absolutely be back!
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Diana at the front desk is so sweet, the medical assistant was amazing & personable and Kate who did my procedure is my favorite! As I walked out and met my husband, I told him how much I enjoy being there & what a good vibe Hayes has.
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Cher B.
Sheila and Linda took great care of me and I look younger and vibrant.  I do not trust anyone else for injectables.  Linda is careful, thoughtful, and respectful of one’s budget. I have followed her from Marin into SF and I will continue to follow her where ever she practices.
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I highly recommend Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics!! All the front desk staff are warm, friendly and professional and Denise is the best for laser, she goes above to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Andrea is exceptional at explaining the services they offer. They are the best in SF in my opinion and I do my research!
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Kathleen F.
Excellent customer service, advice, and care. Botox and Microneedling. Melonie is a gem. She is extremely knowledgable, sincere and honest. Everyone here is helpful, They carry a fabulous array of skin products too. I am so pleased with my results!
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