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DefenAge Skincare – Making Waves!

By Elizabeth Clark, LE
Licensed Clinical Esthetician, Larkspur location

DefenAge™ Skincare is making a lot of waves in the anti-aging clinical skin care industry for the innovative way its Defensins™ speak to our master stem cells.

Now before we jump into this process let’s look at what DefenAge does for our skin.

Clinical studies show DefenAge technology treats sixteen signs of aging, including improving firmness, softening wrinkles, and lightening age spots with just six weeks of use. “90% of consumers saw a reduction in visible wrinkles and improvement in jawline firmness,” according to a clinical study conducted by Quanticare.

Treating sixteen signs of aging is nothing new but doing it in three short steps and having clinical studies to back it up is why DefenAge is being recognized so highly by doctors, nurses and aestheticians.

Imagine your effective skin care routine as simple as three steps!

Not only is it treating multiple symptoms of aging but anyone can use the DefenAge system which is gentle and doesn’t cause irritation found in other anti-aging lines. Many of us have used anti-aging skin care that left us red, itchy, bumpy, raw, and peeling. When we addressed this with our providers the answer is always the same, “it’s part of the process, push through, no pain, no gain!” Right? DefenAge is changing this motto.

DefenAge uses synthetically produced messenger peptides called Age Repair Defensins. These Defensins trigger master stem cells in hair follicles which leads to production of keratinocytes, cells known for a youthful appearance. Treating these dormant master stem cells works for everyone verses what you see on the market today, where exhausted stem cells are activated and deliver sluggish results if any. Keratinocyte abundance leads to firmer, hydrated skin and faster healing. So instead of the aggressive methods used to activate collagen and elastin, DefenAge uses the power of master stem cells to do all the hard work.

Your only requirement is to stay consistent with the use of three simple products.

The system consists of an exfoliation mask, used two to three times a week, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, and 8-In-1 Bio Serum to be applied morning and night. Three products that treat 16 signs of aging with the power of science is hard to come by these days.

For more information please visit us in San Francisco or Marin, Defenage is on display to try!

Elizabeth Clark, Esthetian

Elizabeth Clark, LE

Elizabeth is a licensed esthetician, with well over a decade of experience in skincare. She provides care and results for clients who do not wish to invest in more advanced medical treatments, and also knows how to bring out the best results from those who have had medical treatments.

Elizabeth has been nationally recognized by Obagi Medical, Allergan/SkinMedica, and Colorescience for her dedication to client education and results. She is certified in collagen induction therapy/microneedling, dermaplaning, and microdermabrasion. She continues to train and seek the latest technologies in her field.

More about Elizabeth on our site and be sure to follow along on her Instagram page.

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