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Dermaplaning with Jessica Hong, MA, LE

These photos completely illustrate the importance of having total faith in your skincare provider. In the past Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics has used lasers and electricity on my face (sounds scary!) – with fabulous results – and most recently, I had an appointment with Jessica for a dermaplaning treatment. You have to have total trust in someone before allowing them to run a scalpel across your face!

I would not – no matter how tempted I am by deals – want any other team to work on my skin. It’s more than just a treatment, it’s my future with either regrets or feeling great as I put my best face forward. I think HVME understands this and I know they would not provide anything other than a healthy, safe, and rewarding experience.

This dermaplaning treatment was actually relaxing. The scalpel gave a sort of scratching feeling – like being licked by kittens! The bed is so comfy, I dozed. My friend was taking photos or I might have fallen asleep. It took maybe half an hour to treat my whole face.

Ultimate Skin ExfoliationImmediately after, my skin was a little pink, but nothing that held me back from my day. I felt slightly sunburned for an hourish. But no downtime or pain.

(Compared with microdermabrasion, the treatment feeling was less strong, and my skin after was less red.)

The day after my skin definitely had a glow to it. Literally all dullness was removed. I loved how my product soaked in. It was satisfying to know that every cent of product I put on was getting soaked up by fresh skin. I had to keep reminding myself not to touch my face. No peel or exfoliation had ever left me with such soft, fabulous feeling skin.

Having a completely hair-less face, with less irritation than waxing, is another perk of the treatment. Seeing my tinted sunscreen glide on and how much better makeup looks on skin, rather than on peach fuzz is gratifying. I’d consider my next dermaplaning appointment before my next headshots or event. I’d add it to a facial so I get maximum benefit from the products used.

Thanks HVME and Jessica! – Rachel, Saratoga

NOTE FROM HAYES: Thank you, Rachel, for the feedback. We do recommend dermaplaning with a facial – check out our Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning or our Dermaplaning Facial.

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