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Jessica Hong, MA, LEJessica Hong, MA, LE
Clinical Esthetician and CoolSculpting Specialist

Jessica is a Licensed Esthetician and CoolSculpting Specialist with a background in nutrition science, medicine, education and art. After receiving her B.S. in Dietetics from San Francisco State University, Jessica spent several years working as a Certified Medical Assistant in Oregon and Louisiana.

Jessica’s own battle with sensitive and acneic skin ultimately guided her path towards clinical esthetics. Knowing first hand the struggle difficult skin can cause, naturally shaped her sincere demeanor and individualized approach to skincare – whether the issue is a stubborn breakout, slowing down the signs of aging, or correcting damage from the sun.

Jessica is currently living in Oakland, doing what she loves, helping her clients look and feel great in their own skin. Outside of work you’ll find her riding her scooter around Lake Merritt, trying her hand at metalworking and hanging out with her cat, Clyde.

Jessica is absolutely amazing!!! She is well versed in all aspects of skin and beauty and I never have the feeling of uncertainty when I’m with her. My skin looks so freaking good because of her and it’s a testament to her knowledge and expertise in the field. I’m sooo happy to have found her and Hayes Valley Medical. Thank you so much Jessica!!!
Yasmin K.

So I actually followed Jessica (previously from Alameda) to Hayes Valley! I loved her eyelash extensions and when I found out she did facials much closer to me in the city, I knew I would have to try that out next. I’m pretty low maintenance, I had never gotten a facial until I took the jump with Jessica a few month ago. My skin is pretty good overall, I don’t really need much so it was more like a relaxing treat last time.

Cue this past month, the cold weather here in the Bay has been WREAKING absolute havoc on my skin and suddenly I was breaking out on my forehead like I was back in high school. I’m not sure if was a few different products I tried for the first time all at once but it seriously was the first time in a realllllly long time where it was so bad even I was panicking at what was going on. Booked an appointment with Jessica after realizing I could not deal with this on my own (plus my work was having a post holiday party) and THANK YOU JESSICA. YOU BROUGHT MY SKIN BACK TO NORMAL!!

She did a light peel, some extractions to get that not so great stuff out, and this light thing to help kill any bacteria living in the skin. She let me know the peel wouldn’t make me red or anything and that everything should be reduced. Within 24 hours I noticed the bumps had gone down and some of the larger blemishes had been pretty reduced with some slight scabbing (yes, I had to resist picking at them). Almost a week later and my skin is pretty much back to normal and my overall tone is brighter, more even, and just has more clarity to it.

Jessica gave me a couple samples, a light exfoliator because I have been slacking in that department, and an oil control toner serum thing to use after moisturizing, which I’ve been using in the mornings prior to makeup application and it’s been helping my skin not be as oily at the end of the day. Will probably pick that one up next time I go in.

I’m a huge fan of the super soft bed in the spa room and the massage she gives is amazing. I love that she is super easy to talk to but doesn’t necessarily gab away at you if you don’t want to either. While facials, along with massages and such, are on my every once in a while treat yourself list, the next time I do, I am definitely going to Jessica. I asked if she still does eyelash extensions and she does if you ask, so I’m glad I can go to her for either one if I so desire. Customer for life and now I don’t have to cross the bridge–yes!!!
Melanie C.

This review is long overdue. I’ve been seeing Jessica for monthly facials for 3 years now and she has done WONDERS for my skin. I had acne-prone skin for years prior to coming to HVME and now my skin has been so so so much clearer and the tone & texture have also improved a ton. If that wasn’t enough, Jessica is a completely wonderful person to be around.
Kathryn S.

I’ve been seeing Jessica Hong for facials for a couple of years and truly don’t know what I would do without her. HVME is always up to date with the latest in skin care treatments and I love coming in and trying the newest thing that always makes my face glow.
Amy A.

Jessica was AMAZING! I asked her for recommendations regarding my acne scars. She suggested a peel and some products for me to use. Since my peel, my skin has dramatically changed. My skin is brighter and I haven’t been breaking out as much. She helped me regain my confidence. I really love Jessica as she doesn’t pressure you to do anything you’re not fully comfortable with. Highly recommend Jessica for those who need a facial rejuvenation! Plus, she’s so darn sweet!
Sabreen K.