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What Happens During Our Hair Regrowth Treatment?

As always, it’s so nice to arrive at Hayes Valley Med in Marin. The parking is easy, the facilities beautiful, and the team is so kind and welcoming. And I always look forward to an appointment with Linda Behla, their founder and master injector.

The reason for my visit and some info on the hair regrowth treatment are covered in this post.

I thought that, like I was myself pre-treatment, you’d be interested in how it felt to receive the blood draw, microneedling, and about twenty injections into the scalp.

I imagine you’d be surprised to hear that this was not painful – thanks to Hayes Valley Med’s comfort devices – Zimmer and ProNox.

The process began with Linda examining my scalp and I was pleased to learn that I have no noticeable hair thinning on the back of my head – the loss is all coming from the front. That was nice news! She used a pen to mark spots for treatment as you can see in the top photo here.

There was no discomfort from the blood draw. Three vials were drawn and whisked off to be spun into protein-rich fibrin in their centrifuge.

Scarlet Hair Restoration

I was then introduced to Zimmer, a device that blasts cold air to counteract any feeling of heat or pain. You can see the tube in the photo with the syringe. And I was shown how use ProNox which is a self-administered blend of half oxygen and half laughing gas. I breathed it in and was completely relaxed and felt pleasantly light headed.

These comfort devices must have had a strong effect on me as the microneedling felt only like deep scratching. Not at all painful. It only took Linda a few minutes with Scarlet to create the micropunctures over the treatment area.

I felt just an occasional pinch during the injection of the PRF and the exosome serum. At any time I began to feel discomfort, I used ProNox and immediately sensations were minimized. The Zimmer device also cooled the treated areas.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

It seemed the injections took about ten minutes. And after a quick cleaning we were done.

For a few hours after, my scalp felt as if it was sunburned. It did hurt when I lifted my eyebrows, so I stayed pretty expressionless for a while. I hid under a hat for my journey home and enjoyed a gentle walk on the beach that evening, and went out to dinner. Any redness was hidden in my hair line.

It’s now 48 hours after my treatment and I’m looking forward to washing my scalp and cleaning off the pen marks. I’ve had a feeling like the area is bruised, but I’ve not had any pain that I’ve felt needed treating with ice or meds. Right now, I’ve no pain at all.

The next step…patience for a few months!


NOTE FROM HVME: Our patient, Rachel, is receiving this treatment at a discount in exchange for creating text, photographic, and video content around her experience with our hair regrowth procedure.

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