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  • Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Regrowth Treatment

I am lucky to have great hair. In the photo above it does not look like it’s thinning. But lately, each time I put my fingers around my pony tail, there’s less and less overall thickness. And I can see far more hair in my brushes and in the shower drain. I believe I’ve lost over half my hair in the last two years.

For a year, I have tried a few topical products, but am not getting any results. There’s not noticeable regrowth or less hair loss.

I believe my increased hair loss and lack of new hair growth is caused by a few things. I have had chronic pain most of my life and I have my own business, two things that add up to stress. I’ve had Covid at least once (luckily I was not too sick.) And I’m 52 and somewhere along the peri-menopause road. It may be inherited (although my mother’s hair did not start to thin until she was in her sixties) and it may be nutritional as I’m a vegetarian (but I do supplement my intake of Vitamins A through E, iron, and zinc.)

I want to put a stop to my thinning hair before it gets worse, so I’ve booked an appointment with Linda Behla, RN, at Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics and am looking forward to seeing her for a three-step treatment: Scarlet RF Microneedling, Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF), and InfiniViveMD Exosome Serum.

I’ve researched these three therapies and this is what I’ve learned:

Microneedling is important in this process as it will create countless micro holes in the skin of my scalp, allowing increased penetration of the PRF and exosome serum. Microneedling also boosts collagen production in the treated area which can also stimulate hair growth. (Healthy scalp = healthy hair!)

The exosome serum uses natural human growth factors which are similar to those in healthy, youthful hair follicles. It will nourish my own stem cells which line my hair follicles, rejuvenate them, and promote hair regrowth.

I’ve also read that exosome serums prolong the hair growth cycle. Follicles age with each hair growth cycle, producing hair that is increasingly more brittle and thin. Hair grows thicker and healthier the longer the hair growth cycle.

Before I begin the Scarlet treatment, a small amount of my blood will be drawn, and put in a special vial and spun in a centrifuge to separate out something called platelet-rich fibrin. This material contains stem cells, platelets, and growth factors which will also be injected into my scalp after microneedling.

Combined, these treatments will work together to prompt cell division and growth which stimulates inactive hairs into an active growth phase. It will be a non-surgical and natural treatment.

And because my scalp and follicles are stronger and healthier, and in a sense, younger, hair loss will decrease. (Please, please, like when I was twenty!)

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NOTE FROM HVME: Our patient, Rachel, is receiving this treatment at a discount in exchange for creating text, photographic, and video content around her experience with our hair regrowth procedure.

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