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Re-opening News & Procedures

Things are going to look and feel differently around here for a while, but you can still count on our best efforts to provide effective treatments in a comfortable, welcoming, and medically-safe environment.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to be aware of safety protocols and government restrictions to which we must adhere in order to stay open – as well as for complying with them. Our constant goal, as we become an open business in times of COVID-19, is to keep every patient (and their circle of friends and family) safe.


To prepare for re-opening, we’ve considered each step of your appointment and are implementing every possible safety protocol to keep us all safe during your visit. Please do not enter our facilities until you are greeted and ushered in!

Foremost, we are a medical clinic. We’ve always put health and hygiene practices as our top priority. Currently we’re taking additional steps like wearing masks and sanitizing common areas more frequently, but the core protocol recommendations coming from authorities are already part of our standard operational procedures.


Both locations are open by appointment only.

Medical treatments and body treatments are available. However, please note that many esthetic services are not yet available as we are adhering to CDC guidelines.

Please call (SF 415-255-9510 or Marin 415-464-8801) or e-mail us to inquire about the availability of specific treatments you wish to book.


• We continue to adhere to the latest recommendations from the CDC (and other medical authorities) as well as state and county restrictions.

• We are seeing fewer clients in order to stagger appointments to minimize the possibility of congregation of people in our common areas.

• A face covering is required during your entire visit, unless you are instructed to remove it.

• Payment and pre-treatment forms are touch-less (we’ll contact you before your appointment.)

• Please maintain social distancing during your visit.

• Please do not bring a friend, partner, or child.

• No animals allowed, including support animals. (American Disability Act animals are welcome.)

• Please avoid touching! That’s of our staff and others, as well as door knobs, seating, and product displays.

• Please bring as little as possible to your appointment. If you can, do without your purse. We’ll provide trays (which we will sanitize between appointments) in treatment rooms for you to put your keys, phone, mask (if it needs to be removed for treatment), and any necessities.

• Please do not wear gloves into our facilities unless you put on a fresh pair as you arrive in our lobby.

• Sadly, at this time, we cannot offer refreshments as we usually do.


For a touch-less check out, we will confirm your credit card number by phone prior to your arrival.

Please cancel your appointment if you or a member of your household is unwell or if someone you have had contact with is known to have COVID-19. Late cancellation fees for COVID-19-related issues will be waived during this pandemic.

Symptoms that will prevent clients and staff from entering our facilities may include, but are not limited to: temperature over 100.4 degrees, cough, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, chills with shaking, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and newly developed loss of taste or smell.

Please plan on being just a few minutes early for your appointment. In order to maintain safe distancing and sanitize between appointments we’ll be keeping to a strict timeline. We may not be able to complete your full treatment if you are late for your appointment.

If you know you will be purchasing products, it would be helpful if you would call in your order, or use our product order form, in advance.


Please do not enter our facility upon arrival, but maintain social distancing outside by waiting in your car if you can do so nearby, or wait outside our front door. A staff member will come to get you or reach out to you by phone (be sure your cell phone number is in our records.) You’ll receive a temperature check (no-touch forehead thermometer) and hand sanitizer, and we’ll confirm you are wearing a face covering.


If not done so already, we will have you complete a COVID-19 consent form prior to treatment.


Sorry for the inconvenience and that we have to ask this, but our restrooms are available for emergencies only. If you use our restrooms, please be sure a staff member is aware so that the door knobs, light switches, taps, sink and toilet can be sanitized after you are finished. Because of the time needed for these steps, please avoid using our restrooms if at all possible. Mirrors are available in treatment rooms for touch up as you leave, as are sinks for hand-washing, and hand sanitizer.


If you’d like to purchase an item during your appointment, please ask our staff to pull it from the shelves and package it for you. (For purchase, your credit card must be on file with us for a touch-less payment.)

Preferably, use our product order form, in advance of your visit.


Only people with appointments will be allowed inside. If a staff member is available and you are outside of either location and wish to purchase products, please call. We’ll do all we can to process your order and bring it outside for you. Sorry, but we can’t guarantee availability.

While restrictions are in place, you can call to order, or use our product order form. We’re offering curbside product pickups, or we can ship your order.


To minimize risks of spreading the virus, we’ve removed magazines, brochures, posters, shelf displays, and product samples from our locations. We usually love to have people touch, experience, and try, but it’s not feasible at this time.

If you’d like to take a product sample or brochure home after your appointment, please ask our staff.


The instant we can safely perform facials, microblading, and other esthetic treatments, we’ll let you know. We can’t put our staff or you at risk to provide these services which can’t be performed without a mask and require significant, close exposure.

Please call (SF 415-255-9510 and Larkspur 415-464-8801) to discuss an individual esthetics plan customized for you.


This is a lot! We know and we sympathize. During your visit, our staff will guide you the entire time. Every step they are taking is to care for you and make you feel as comfortable, safe, and as welcomed as possible.

Deciding to receive a treatment, or to work in a medical spa, during this time is a personal one. We want everyone to make their choices in an informed and supportive way. Please call or e-mail with any question or concern.

SF 415-255-9510 and Larkspur 415-464-8801
[email protected]


It bears repeating – we are very grateful for your support during shelter-in-place. Your product orders, calls, and messages were encouraging and very welcome. We have such an appreciation for you all.

Welcome back!

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