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  • Quartz Face Roller

Quartz Face Rollers & Satin Pillow Cases

Over this holiday season, two of our product partners are offering gifts with purchase; SkinMedica a quartz face roller and DefenAge a satin pillow case. We wondered, are there really tangible anti-aging benefits to these items?

(While supplies last, spend $300 in our SkinMedica online store and receive a gift of three facial masks and a limited-edition rose quartz roller. And also while supplies last, with purchase of DefenAge’s Limited Edition Luxe Kit, receive a free luxury silk pillowcase.)


At the very least, massaging your face with a roller can release tension and relax you.

But you’ll also:

• Stimulate lymphatic drainage which can reduce puffiness.

• Deliver your skin care product deeper into your skin, optimizing results.

• The cool stone can tighten pores, especially if you keep it in your fridge.

• Improve blood circulation which can help your face feel firmer and look brighter.

To use a roller, we recommend a dime-sized drop of serum, like SkinMedica’s HA⁵ Rejuvenating Hydrator. Roll from the center of your face, moving towards the ears and down, towards the jaw line. The larger roller is for your entire face, and the smaller roller is for use around the eyes. Wash it frequently. Cool it in the refrigerator for use against puffiness.

We love seeing ours on our counter during the day and use that as a reminder to take a few minutes to relax and care for ourselves.


Luxury Satin Pillow Case

A tester for the Good Housekeeping Institute Textile Lab, said, “I realized my cheap pillowcase was the real culprit behind my bad hair days.” This is because cotton and other fabrics can snag hair causing frizz or tangles, whereas hair slides over satin and silk. And the professionals at Halo Blow Dry Bar recommend satin pillow cases to help extend the results from their blow out for days.

Satin or silk pillowcases do not wick moisture away from your skin, scalp, and hair as much as other, more porous, fabrics like cotton can. Your skin will remain more hydrated on satin, and your hair will be less brittle. And less porous fabrics collect bacteria and dirt more slowly, so your skin will be exposed to less icky, pore-clogging material.

Smooth surfaces reduce friction and tugging on your skin and so can help prevent static wrinkles – and you can’t get much smoother than satin! As you move during sleep, a regular pillow case may catch on your skin. Over time, this crushing action can case facial creases to develop.

We recommend Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillow Cases.

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