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Interview with Facial Expert

Allison Quistgard, LE is our Marin location Lead Clinical Esthetician and GLOW Expert. As well as a clinical esthetician, she is a wellness editor, freelance writer and blogger (for sprigandglow.com and Marin Magazine) with a passion for beauty, wellness, skin care, and the science behind it all.

Ali believes that skin care is more than just skin deep, and applies her lifelong passion of medical aesthetics towards transforming her clients’ skin from the inside- out and the outside-in so they look and feel their best.

We recently sat down with Ali and asked her about her famous facials.

US: What is it with you and facials? It’s a real talent and passion, yes?

ALI:It’s more like a passion gone awry! Ha Ha Ha. This is my happy place! On any given day I help people get their glow back. There is nothing more rewarding than helping one see their own true beauty, which was lying there just beneath the surface all along.

US: What are the benefits to regular facials?

ALI:Regular facials help with the short and long term health of your skin. Consider this: we tend to make regular visits to the dentist, the gym and the hair salon. Skin care is self-care. If you are suffering from dry skin, rosacea, acne, congestion or faced with pigment, pore or tone issues, regular skin care treatments are scientifically shown to remedy most of these common skin care conditions. And then there is preventative maintenance… As they say,” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

US: They say it’s important to have a skincare consultation before starting a routine. Do you agree?

ALI:Absolutely, I cannot impress upon people enough that everyone’s skin is wonderfully unique. Often people use products recommended to them by a friend or an advertisement but it’s inappropriate for their skin type. And to take that one step further people try and analyze their own skin and make incorrect assumptions. For example, did you know, that one could have acne and dry skin or acne and oily skin simultaneously? Or, that dry skin and dehydrated skin are quite different and easily confused.

US: Why did you decided to join the HVME team ?

ALI:Oh, for a number of reasons. When you are passionate and committed to what you do, you want to surround yourself with those exhibiting the highest skill set and standards in the business. Have you seen our team, probably the best practitioners in the entire Bay Area.

US: What types of treatments do you do?

ALI:I do a variety of treatments all of which are totally customized. I do anything from microdermabrasion and dermaplaning facials to medical grade peels, resurfacers and microneedeling. I also am a certified CoolSculpting practitioner.

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