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10 Skinade Tidbits

ONE Skinade is not just a collagen drink; it is a skincare drink which contains collagen in addition to a unique blend of micronutrients providing a perfect ratio of active ingredients to liquid, working together to create an advanced and effective anti-aging skin care product.

TWO Skinade offers a liquid-form delivery of essential micronutrients targeted to re-building the collagen matrix of your skin with the goal of combating signs of aging by reducing inflammation, and increasing hydration and moisture, along with hyaluronic acid production within the skin’s dermis. Your skin, all over, is restored. You’ll experience improved suppleness, hydration, texture, with a more youthful appearance, and less noticeable furrow lines.

THREE Collagen comes from different sources, mainly animal. The collagen in Skinade avoids high levels of sodium, mercury, and other contamination by being sourced from freshwater, rather than saltwater, fish. These collagen proteins, chemically broken down, are the type found in skin and are known to be abundant in Skinade’s source fish.

FOUR The natural properties of hyaluronic acid taken orally are altered by digestion and likely do not reach your skin, making it pointless to include hyaluronic acid in a drink. Drinking Skinade containing high-quality collagen peptides, however, is ideal for your body to ingest and naturally produce hyaluronic acid in the dermis, where hyaluronic acid is most needed.

FIVE Beginning around age twenty, we lose up to 1.5% of the collagen in our skin annually resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and dry, blemished or thinning skin. Skinade helps you maintain your youthful appearance.

SIX In Skinade, you’ll find seven grams of class-leading collagen peptides with a molecular weight of just 2kDal, an unsurpassed quality for skin care. There are other products on the market with more collagen, but stimulation of cells responsible for collagen production occurs at around six grams, so adding more does not increase efficacy.

Skinade’s uniqueness is also seen in its absorption, which is insured at 90% to 95%, a rate which can never be matched by powders suspended in liquid or in tablets.

Finally, collagen peptides do not function in an environment without appropriate levels of PH neutral vitamin C, so 450% of the daily recommended amount is added to each sachet.

SEVEN To consume the same level of collagen in tablet form you would have to take twenty large tablets, which are inefficiently absorbed by the body. In addition, Skinade’s solution optimizes collagen and the body’s use of it.

EIGHT Consumers find: increased skin hydration and radiance, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin suppleness, and healthier looking hair and nails.

NINE Each 0.5 fluid ounce sachet of Skinade contains less than 35 calories (from natural grape juice.) After sunlight and smoking, sugar is the skin’s worst enemy, as it causes crystallization of the collagen matrix, making it brittle, causing lines and wrinkles.

TEN Skinade contains…

…high-grade hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides sourced from fresh-water fish.

…vitamin C which is essential for natural collagen formation and maintaining the collagen matrix. It also provides vital protection for the skin by boosting the immune system and reducing free-radical damage.

…MSM, a naturally occurring form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms. It helps collagen and keratin formation, improves skin elasticity, and prevents cross-linking of collagen cells, a major cause of skin aging.

…riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), and biotin – contributors to normal skin health, cell protection, and promoters of clearer, radiant skin.

…omegas 3 and 6, sourced exclusively from organic flax seed oil to play an important role in balancing skin.

…L-lysine amino acid that is key to rebuilding the collagen matrix.

Skinade – better skin from within! More about Skinade…

“For maximum results, I recommend adding a daily skinade drink to my patient’s regimen of topical skin care products.” – Linda Behla, RN, Co-Founder and Director of Nursing.

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