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Thena-holmen rnThena Holmen, RN
Esthetic Nurse Specialist

Thena Holmen, RN has specialized in advanced aesthetic treatments and skincare for over twenty-five years.

Her expertise in the anatomy of aging and the youthful face, where light reflects rather than absorbs help her to achieve the natural refreshed look for your age.

Devotion to artistry, excellence and individualism compliment her experience and passion for information to achieve a natural, breathtaking result.

She keeps informed on the latest aesthetic treatments and techniques. She has published nationally and internationally including Tattler of London.

Her impressive professional career include:
• critical care nurse,
• emergency room nurse,
• Dr. Jack Owsley – renowned plastic surgeon,
• Dr. Timothy Marten – internationally renowned plastic surgeon and educator, and
• SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa.

Thena resides in Corte Madera and enjoys gourmet cooking and entertaining, fashion, and the arts.

Some things are meant to be kept a secret. Botox is one of them most definitely HOWEVER I will write this review as a public service since there are huge consequences when Botox goes wrong.

I am a devoted patient at Hayes Valley in San Francisco and pop in 2x per year for my secret treatment. I almost exclusively see Thena Holman as she is truly a top expert in her field, a skilled trainer in fillers and botox and just a sweet gentle person who is fun to talk to during treatments. I have never left unhappy, have never experienced a negative side effect and have been pleased with my results for years. On the rare occasions when I could not get in with Thena, I have also had treatments with LInda Behla, RN who was equally as skilled. Scheduling appointments are easy and they are usually able to accommodate last minute visits.

I’m always tempted to purchase bargain Group On promotions that flood my email. I never have because honestly saving a few bucks is just not worth looking like I’ve had a stroke for 12 weeks if something goes wrong.
Nicole T.

I have no shame in my game. I have always had small lips that I hated. So when I got a promotion at my job I decided to treat myself and finally go for lip injections. I researched places in and out of the city and Hayes Valley seemed the most convenient.

My appointment was with Thena and she did a great job. Because I was scared of how I would like the results (never done any type of cosmetic procedure) I said I only wanted to do 1/2 a syringe the first time. Thena didn’t pressure me to get the full which I liked.

The actual procedure made me really dizzy and sick feeling, but that’s because I’m a mess and sensitive in general. I pass out when I get my blood drawn. Thena was really sweet and got me an ice pack and let me take a break.

Everyone at Hayes Valley Medical was really nice and gave me advice on the healing process and the girl at the front desk even gave me a free sample of some lip balm that helped with recovery. 🙂

I looked like a literal crazy duck face for a couple days after it swelled… but It actually healed without any real bruising. Go Thena!

I love my results, but I do wish I did get the full syringe. It is only a slight change for me. Oh well! Just means I will be visiting Hayes Valley again in a couple months.
Paisley P.

Thena is who did my cheek and lip fillers! Excellent to take it slow with me and explain. Gentle and took great care in doing the work. Truly an artist and angel. THANK YOU!!!
Mark O.