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  • One Hour Facial with Dermaplaning

Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning

By Elizabeth Clark, LE, Licensed Clinical Esthetician and Licensed PMU Artist

I wanted to write a blog for anyone who has questions about this treatment and wonders if they would be a good candidate. If, after reading, you still wonder if your skin would benefit, please call us – Marin 415-464-8801 | San Francisco 415-255-9510. Our guest coordinators would love to set you up with a complimentary skin evaluation with a licensed aesthetician.

So, first things first…who is best suited for the Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning?

This clinical grade facial treatment can deliver results to the majority of skin types for men and women…normal, oily, dry, combo, sensitive…the treatment can be tailored to your skin and needs. So, most people who seek skin improvement are candidates!

If you have the following conditions it is best to get a consultation for an alternative treatment route:
• Active acne
• Accutane (current or with in last year)
• Prescriptions that make skin very thin and sensitive
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Sunburn or burn
• Open wounds or lesions
• Thick hair or beard (we can skip this area or use microdermabrasion)

Next up, what is the Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning?

Ok, so you fit the bill, but what exactly are you signing up for? The Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning combines two of our most popular methods of exfoliation – dermaplane and a light chemical treatment. Dermaplaning method gently whisks away old cells and fine hairs with a clinical grade blade. It is pain free and leaves the skin fresh and soft. The dermaplane treatment can be tailored to your skin’s needs and different pressure can be used for sensitive to more resilient skin types.

Next, your Licensed Esthetician will apply a light chemical treatment of choice based on your specific needs. The dermaplane takes care of the old skin cells sitting on top of your skin, so the light chemical treatment can now penetrate deeper, producing better, quicker results. Another plus, the dermaplane has taken care of the top layer which usually sloughs off after a chemical treatment, meaning no peeling or downtime. Did you hear that…no peeling or downtime!

So now down to business…what will this treatment do for you!

You will notice improvement in these areas after one treatment…
• Texture is smoother
• Skin has more light reflection, i.e. You’re Glowing!!!
• Your home care products will penetrate deeper and work more efficiently
• Your makeup will appear smoother
• No facial hair
• Skin feels taut
• Skin circulation is improved, better overall skin tone

You will notice improvement in these areas after routinely doing Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning…
• All of the above
• Lighter hyperpigmentation
• Pore size will appear smaller
• More collagen and firmer skin
• Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
• Better skin cell turn over

Speak with your Licensed Esthetician about a skin care schedule that fits your needs and lifestyle. We are here to simplify skin care and make it easy as possible.

Lastly, when can you do the Power Hour Intensive Facial with Dermaplaning?

This treatment was designed to reset your skin every skin-cell cycle. So, receiving this power hour once a month to every six weeks is ideal. You can also have this treatment performed all year round as it’s tailored to the climate of your skin and is tweaked for your current skin conditions.

“This all sounds great…but what about my congested clogged skin and lack of hydration?” you ask?

Don’t worry…we call it the power hour for a reason!!! We also treat congestion with light extractions and if you need more help with excessive congestion and black heads speak with your Licensed Esthetician for add-on options.

The treatment is then finished with a deep, relaxing therapeutic mask to assist with hydration, healing and recovery! This clinical facial really covers all the bases.

Hope this helps and we hope to see you soon!

– Elizabeth

Elizabeth Clark, Esthetian

Elizabeth Clark, LE

Elizabeth is a licensed esthetician, with well over a decade of experience in skincare. She provides care and results for clients who do not wish to invest in more advanced medical treatments, and also knows how to bring out the best results from those who have had medical treatments.

Elizabeth has been nationally recognized by Obagi Medical, Allergan/SkinMedica, and Colorescience for her dedication to client education and results. She is certified in collagen induction therapy/microneedling, dermaplaning, and microdermabrasion. She continues to train and seek the latest technologies in her field.

More about Elizabeth on our site and be sure to follow along on her Instagram page.

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