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hair regrowth Several technologies developed for medical or esthetic purposes have also been shown to achieve outstanding results as hair regrowth treatments for men and women. With research into the best options we can offer, and with training from some of the nation’s top practitioners, we’ve developed this treatment for hair restoration.

Modalities used in our treatment, individually or in tandem:
• “De-age” your hair growth phase, lengthening it for thicker, healthier growth
• Encourage new hair regrowth from failing follicles
• Trigger a healing process leading to new collagen formation
• Reenergize cells in the treated area, including cell structures in the follicle
• Deliver growth factors, stem cells, and platelets deeper into the skin than topical treatments can penetrate
• Lead to stronger hair strands
• Minimize future hair loss by improving follicle health

hair restoration before and after

Five weeks after Scarlet, Exosome Serum, and PRP and PRF

Five weeks after Scarlet, Exosome Serum, and PRP and PRF

Our treatment utilizes five of our technologies—some new and cutting-edge, some time-tested:

Microneedling with Scarlet creates micro-wounds in your scalp which allows for better penetration of the injected serum and PRP or PRF and it also spurs your body’s healing process, which aids in optimizing the results. (We have several microneedling options, but have found Scarlet to be the best. For skin treatments, Scarlet usually combines radiofrequency with microneedling, but for scalp treatments, this is not beneficial.)

InfiniViveMD Exosome Serum is injected into the scalp. Exosomes are hugely important in cell structures, cell-to-cell messaging, and cell development, and in the case of their success in hair regrowth, they trigger follicle cells during hair growth phases. Our serum also extends the hair growth cycle (which shortens as we age), meaning that existing and new hairs have a longer period for growing strong and healthy.

Learn more about InfiniViveMD Exosome Serum, cytokines, growth factors, vitamins, antioxidants, and most importantly, exosomes.

protein-rich fibrin from our patientProtein-rich Fibrin or Plasma (PRF or PRP) is removed from your own blood, drawn during your appointment and spun in a centrifuge while you receive microneedling. During your consultation, your practitioner will discuss whether PRP, PRF, or maybe a combination, is best for you based upon your treatment area and degree of hair loss.

Once the fibrin or plasma is separated out from your blood, it’s injected into your scalp, saturating the treatment area in condensed growth factors, stem cells, and platelets. This causes a cascade of healing and cell growth, which stimulates and “de-ages” hair follicles.

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Zimmer blasts cooling air onto your treatment area to minimize discomfort.

ProNox self-administeration for pain or anxietyProNox allows you to self-administer 50% oxygen/50% nitrous oxide during your appointment at any time pain or anxiety might flare up. It’s incredibly relaxing and is a wonderful way to alleviate pain. It is quickly processed by your system so you may safely drive shortly following your treatment.

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Our combination of microneedling, exosome serum, and PRP/PRF gives your body its best chance to naturally restore hair.

Patients have received good results after one treatment. More treatments may be needed if hair loss extends over the full scalp. Usually, one treatment area covers the front, mid-scalp region, crown, or back of the head.

A consultation with one of our medical practitioners is required prior to treatment. To make your blood as vital as possible, it’s recommended that you focus on a healthy diet and hydration with plenty of fluids the day before and day of your appointment.

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After treatment, you may experience a feeling like a sunburn on the treated area for a few hours. This may be treated with ibuprofen (Advil or generic) and/or ice. For a few days, your scalp may be mildly sore and itchy.

Patients have been known to see new hair growth just five weeks after a treatment. Results will vary.