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Event-Ready Facial

I was curious about the new “Event-Ready Facial” at Hayes Valley Med – really, a facial that can be done the day before, or even day-of an event?  Usually for me, I don’t see facial results until several days after the treatment – and sometimes, I look worse for a day or two after a facial, until the renewal kicks in.

I’d also never had a facial at Hayes Valley Med before, so I was excited to check it out, and so pleased my appointment was with the amazing Holly.

A few minutes in, I found out that this experience was going to change my definition of “facial”.  The technology and treatments created a feeling of this being more efficacious and grander than a facial.

These are the attachments to the Elemis Biotec machine:

Elemis Biotec Attacment Pieces

Left to right: oxygen injector, microcurrent, LED light, and (best name ever) the ultrasonic spatula.  All are utilized in this facial.

Holly also told me that part of the Event-Ready Facial is the Venus Legacy machine.

Venus Legacy

Holly used an Elemis cleanser first, and then came the spatula – it vibrated slightly as Holly glided it over my skin.  Apparently, it, along with an Elemis product, was sonically removing dead cells and dirt.

(Each unique treatment head was used with a different product, all smelling wonderful and with different textures and weights.)

Elemis Skin Care Products

Then Holly used the microcurrent wands.  I was expecting some discomfort, but there was no electric sensation.  My face felt tingly due to the amber in the products.  When the wand was passed near my eyes, I saw a bit of blue light, like a crescent moon.  I was surprised to feel the wand so close to my eyes – around the eye socket, but knowing Holly’s long-time experience, I was not concerned.  And of course, very happy that the lose skin and wrinkles around my eyes could be treated.

Two days later, as I type this, the skin above and to the sides of my eyes is noticeably tighter.  Crows’ feet wrinkles are far shallower.  And a scar which deepens a wrinkle under my right eye is not so deep.

Next we turned to the Venus Legacy machine.  Hot!  Not too hot and was fine for the treatment time – around 12 minutes.  Holly was using it at 102-104 degrees, and I remembered the times I’d happily sat in a hot tub at that temp.

Venus Legacy

Back to the Elemis Biotec machine for LED light treatment and oxygen.

The oxygen wand was fabulous – little blasts of cool air.  Holly geared me up in this chin strap to aid in getting the product deep.  Looked silly, but it felt so good.  The rest of my face was covered in a collagen mask.  The oxygen blasts pushed the collagen into my skin.

LED and Oxygen Treatments

Holly finished by applying a few products.  One smelled like violets, so good.  Final step was sunscreen and when I walked out the door, my skin looked great.  Not typical post-facial skin.

My appointment started at 12:45.  At five pm, if I had an event scheduled, my face would have been fine.  No blotchiness, redness, or puffiness.  Make up was easily applied.  It really is “event-ready”.  My face also did not have any post-facial tightness or sensitivity.

Two days later, the biggest difference is in my rosacea – so, so much less.  My skin is incredibly smooth and tighter.  Cheekbones!  I’m not used to seeing those in my plump face.  The lines across my brow are lessened.  And as I mentioned, wrinkles around my eyes are less deep.

Yesterday, two girlfriends came over and immediately commented on my skin.  (No makeup and they didn’t know I’d had a facial.  Needless to say, they are interested.)

A few other things about my experience:

As always the staff at Hayes is so nice.  Ericka and Anthony were taking care of everyone at the front desk.  As you walk around, everyone smiles – clients and staff.  It’s a feel-good place.

The treatment bed is incredible.  Like floating.  No bolsters or adjustments needed.  My back usually gets achy during a long treatment, but this bed actually relaxed me and my back (long-time chronic pain) was in less pain as I left than when I arrived.

This facial does have a series of prescribed steps to it, but all along, Holly was analyzing my skin, my problem areas, and the reactions to the treatments.  She shortened some steps, and spent more time on others, to customize the facial to me.

On the Elemis machine, there’s a tagline, “The unique fusion of technology and touch.”  That was exactly my experience.





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