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Blue Light Protection

Before I pick up my smartphone or start work in front of my monitor, I (re)apply protection from the light waves emitted by these devices. For example, as I write this, Colorescience’s Total Eye™ 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy and SkinMecia’s Lumivive Day Damage Defense Serum are shielding my neck, face, hands, and sensitive skin around my eyes from blue light aka high-energy visible (HEV) light.

These products are also protecting me from HEV coming in through my window from the biggest blue light emitter – our sun!

Exposure to blue light may contribute to increased pigmentation, redness, and premature aging in skin, and decreased collagen and elastin.

Sunscreens don’t necessarily contain the chemicals and pigments that block blue light – look for products containing titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and/or containing antioxidant ingredients clinically-proven to prevent blue light damage.

Consultations at our Hayes Valley and Larkspur locations are always complimentary – we hope to share our medical-grade product options with you soon, so please do book now.

Blue light may certainly be used to our benefit as it can elevate our mood and stimulate alertness and controlled blue light treatments can be effective in treating acne.

On the flip side, blue light exposure in the evening can interfere with a good night’s sleep by interrupting your natural sleep-wake cycles. And, depending upon dosage strength and duration, too much exposure can increase cell-damaging, unstable molecules, known as free-radicals, in your skin, leading your cells to produce enzymes that can break down precious collagen and elastin. If that’s not bad enough, essential proteins deeper in the skin can also be damaged, possibly leading to a loss of skin’s firmness and contributing to the appearance of wrinkles. Finally, the more skin is exposed to blue light, the longer it takes for it to recover, leading to more hyperpigmentation.

Most exposure to blue light is caused by the sun, but also be aware that unprotected skin exposed to TV and other electronic screens and florescent and LED light bulbs may be at risk.

Apply, reapply! And don’t forget your hands!

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