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Bellafill® – The Only FDA-Approved Filler for Acne Scars

In an independent study, more than 70% of respondents felt their acne scars negatively impacted their self-confidence, with 92% indicating self-confidence would be restored or improved if their acne scars were healed. To help treat disfiguring acne scars, Bellafill adds volume to the skin to lift and smooth out pitted acne scars to the level of the surrounding skin. The long-lasting treatment is Bellafill, a simple, in-office procedure with minimal to no downtime.

Before and After Photos

“In the dermatology field, we regularly see patients who live with the burden of acne scarring—a physical and emotional burden that leads many to feel depressed, less energetic and less social. With Bellafill® , we have a tremendous opportunity to remedy acne scars and help patients live a happier, healthy life,” said Dr. Ava Shamban, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA, and an investigator in the Bellafill acne scar study.

Testimonial From an Actual Patient

• Bellafill is the only filler on the market FDA-approved for the correction of acne scars. It safely and effectively treats acne scars and keep them away for up to 1 year.
• Works instantly: Bellafill provides an immediate improvement that you can enjoy as soon as you leave the office.
• 90% of patients who used Bellafill® to treat their acne scars were still satisfied with their results at the 1-year mark.


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