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Ablative VS Non-ablative

Ablate means to remove or dissipate by melting, vaporization, erosion, etc. In the medical esthetic industry, it refers to treatments which remove or intentionally damage the outer layers of aged or sun damaged skin (the epidermis) to stimulate the underlying skin, resulting in collagen formation and an improvement in wrinkles and other signs of aging. As the skin heals, new skin forms that is smoother and tighter.

Ablative treatments, such as our Venus Viva or Scarlet RF Microneedling are ideal for patients who have significant signs of aging or deep skin damage, want fast results, and can also commit to some recovery time.

Non-ablative treatments work beneath the skin, in the underlying tissue, without any damage to the surface. We offer several non-ablative modalities, including Fraxel DUAL, IPL, and Lumenis ResurFX fractional resurfacing. These treatments are best for patients who are younger, have mild to moderate signs of aging, have moderate sagging, or who can’t take time off from work for recovery. Usually a series of several treatments are required to achieve the desired results.

The word “ablative” can sound more like terminology used in construction or the machinist industry, rather than the beauty industry—too intense for use on delicate skin. But ablative technology is actually wide-spread, approved, safe, and successful for getting the anti-aging results we want for our patients.

The select modalities we offer for ablative and non-ablated treatment have been thoroughly tested by their manufacturers and vetted by us. The fine targeting and precision is remarkable. Our experts are experienced and also participate in regular training, allowing them to minutely set each device to the intensity levels ideal for each patient.

And some of our skin care treatments and products are so advanced, they can also be considered skin care tech! Ask about Alastin Procedure Enhancement Skincare as well as other topical medical-grade products we offer.

Because ablative lasers are more invasive, delivering dramatic improvements after a single treatment, they generally require a period of recovery due to swelling or crusting. Of course we provide options and recommendations for speeding recovery as well as keeping discomfort to a minimum during treatment.

Non-ablative treatments are less invasive, meaning there is little to no recovery time.

Which is right for you?
With all these variables, it can be confusing as you try to determine which treatment may be right for you. A consultation with one of our medical practitioners is complimentary and no-obligation. You can discuss your concerns, budget, and goals. We cover ways in which discomfort may be alleviated during and after treatment. We will assess your skin’s type and condition and then provide a recommended treatment plan which addresses all the variables. We hope you book a consult now!

(Patient above was treated with Scarlet and IPL.)

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