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ZWaveWhat Is ZWave?

We all hope exercise, a healthy lifestyle, or miracle creams or lotions can remove cellulite and stretch marks, but no matter how we wish, they simply don’t.

Cellulite is common, normal, and many patients, especially women, struggle with its dimpled, unappealing appearance. It’s genetic, and its appearance does not correlate directly to the amount of fat on the body or how in shape a person is. It’s caused by the structure of the connective tissue within body fat and the way that the fascia running under the skin is pulled into dimples by fibers within body fat.

FDA-approved ZWave by Zimmer Aesthetics uses radial shockwaves to penetrate and break up fat which reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases collagen production. After treatments skin is left looking more youthful, firm, and healthier.

>> We are especially excited to offer ZWave because of its benefits when used in combination with CoolSculpting and other body treatments we offer. CoolSculpting alone removes 20-25% of fat in treated areas, but add ZWavePRO, and remove an additional 8-10% (results vary.) More benefits of combining ZWavePRO with CoolSculpting below.

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dimpled skin before and smooth skin after zwaveWhich conditions can be treated?

ZWave is commonly used upon the buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and abdomen.

It treats:
• Cellulite,
• stretch marks,
• scarring, and
• in combination with radiofrequency, ultrasound, and CoolSculpting.

It also:
• aids lymphatic drainage,
• firms and smoothes skin,
• improves circulation,
• breaks down fat, and
• increases new collagen production.

Is ZWave right for me?

An ideal ZWave candidate is already receiving CoolSculpting or radiofrequency treatments, or wishes to receive body contouring treatment, or wishes to diminish the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks on their body. Patients must be within normal weight range and in good health.

Both men and women can benefit from this treatment.

Key Benefits and Typical Results

• Fast treatment
• Pain free
• No downtime
• Sleeker, firmer skin

Before And After Photos

zwave before and after photo
zwave before and after photo

How do I prepare for treatment?

Other than a complimentary consultation with a specialist from our body contouring department, no preparation is required.

Anticipate a relaxing experience.

zwave deviceWhat happens during treatment?

No numbing is needed for this non-surgical, pain free treatment.

A HVME Body Specialist will apply a gel to the treatment areas to allow the 39-millimeter-wide handheld tool to glide over the surface of your skin. Most patients report a feeling of a pleasant massage.

Treatment time will likely be 10-30 minutes depending upon the number and size of areas being treated.

Post-treatment care or downtime?

Immediately after treatment you’ll have pain-free skin that may be slightly warm or red. You may return to all normal activities, including bathing and exercising.

How long until I see results?

Results will begin to be noticeable after two to three treatments. At this time, skin will be firmer and smoother.

Six to ten sessions are usually needed to complete the initial treatment series.

For most patients, four weeks of treatments brings full reduction or a strong reduction of stretch marks and cellulite.

How long will results last?

After the initial treatment series, with regular touch-up sessions, and exercise and balanced nutrition, results are long-lasting. Results vary.

How many treatments will I need?

The recommendation is for ten treatments as an initial series, as close together as possible (two-times per week), followed by monthly maintenance sessions. A customized plan can be determined for you after your responsiveness to the therapy is evaluated.

Can this treatment be used as part of a combo therapy?

Our CoolSculpting Master Practitioner, Nicole Territo, LE, is especially excited to begin treating her CoolSculpting clients with ZWave. Under her leadership, and with the technologies of which she is a master, our Marin clientele enjoy the very best body sculpting results.

PRIME, the anti-aging journal, published a study showing that ZWave can have a significant impact upon CoolSculpting’s fat absorption speed. The study compared CoolSculpting followed immediately by a 3-minute ZWave session vs CoolSculpting without ZWave and found that it doubled the rate of fat absorption.

Who wants to reach their body contouring results faster?! With our two CoolSculpting machines, which can be used simultaneously, plus ZWave-enhanced fat absorption you’ll need fewer appointments and reach your body sculpting goals faster.

And (yes, there’s more to be excited about) ZWave also firms skin, so while you are losing fat with your CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll lessen wrinkly, sagging skin.

ZWave may also be used in combination with our radiofrequency treatments.

What’s The Science?

Rapid, high-energy waves, known as radial shockwaves, acoustic radial waves, or ARWT, send energy though the skin which breaks up the fat and gas bubbles that make up the connective tissue surrounding cellulite. This process leads to boosted blood flow, cell rejuvenation, and collagen production.

ZWave’s applicator head allows our practitioners to transmit shockwaves into tissue with targeted precision. The device emits both tensile waves and positive pressure pulses to refine the results further.

ZWave is registered with the FDA as a medical device.