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  • What is Cellulite

What is Cellulite?

Well, here’s what its not! It’s not your fault – it’s not your lifestyle or weight. It’s not skin laxity, stretch marks, or sagging skin. It’s not fat. It’s not because you are not exercising enough. It’s not your race or age.

We lead with this because many women feel they are to blame when their skin dimples. In fact, 60% of women believe it’s their own fault—that their own lifestyle choices have caused their cellulite. In conversations with our clients, we often hear embarrassment or that they feel judged by their cellulite, which is typical of about 57% of women.

For women, cellulite is a natural part of their biology. Nine out of ten women have cellulite. You are not alone!

Cellulite Structure

1 – fibrous septae
2 – fat cells
3 – skin

We, naturally and at any BMI, have fat cells under our skin and septae which function as connections between muscle and skin. Septae can pull on skin which creates a depression on the surface which looks like a dimple. This depression can look deeper if fat cells are squeezed upwards by tightening septae.

Men’s septae form differently than women’s, and their skin is thicker, which is why they rarely have cellulite.

As we age cellulite can be more pronounced as our skin thins, our fat cells get larger, and the septae get thicker.

Our industry has waged war on cellulite for decades with little success. Some treatments, even surgical remedies which sever septae, have had some success, but generally, results do not last for long and are underwhelming. (BTW, liposuction does not treat cellulite.)

Subtle and short-term improvement to cellulite may be self-administered with massage, lotions, and by staying hydrated. You may try lymphatic drainage treatments.

Diet and exercise may reduce fat, but not the septae, the main culprit. Weight loss may actually increase the appearance of cellulite as skin may become more lax.

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