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Summer VS Winter for Laser Hair Removal

(Scroll down for tips for both seasons.)  But why does it matter if it’s summer or winter? It’s one of our most common laser hair removal (LHR) questions.

The latest generation LHR technology offers incredibly precise wavelength targeting allowing us to safely treat more skin types, compared to previous generation lasers, by bypassing the skin’s melanin pigments as hair follicles are zapped.

UV exposure of even as little as 15 minutes can affect your LHR treatment safety and efficacy.  Here in the bay area, that can be summer and winter – so keep up with your regular sunscreen applications (we’re all doing it anyway for our skin health in general, right?!)

Targeting is aided by contrast; the darker the hairs in contrast with the lightest skin the better the targeting.  That is why people with the palest skins and darkest hair get the fastest results.  As skin is tanned, or naturally darker, the contrast between skin and hair is decreased, making pinpointing the follicles more difficult.

Joining us for a complimentary consultation is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for LHR and to create a treatment plan that works for you – no matter the season.

If you do show up for a LHR appointment with tanned or sunburned skin, we may be unable to treat you as the added heat from the laser adds skin damage risks such as possible hyperpigmentation or burns.  Or we may inform you that we can treat your tanned skin, but expectations should be adjusted as we must set the machine to a less aggressive treatment level.

Regardless of the time of year, for your health and best results, be completely honest with us so we can manage your care and ensure optimal results.  Keep us informed of sun exposure, tanning, or burns.

During cooler months, get on in here!

No doubt this is the best time for laser hair removal treatments.  Even although we have sun year-round, the cooler weather means more clothing which prevents tanning.

Now’s the time for LHR treatments to legs, feet, backs, arms, and for the guys, the chest, with less need for you to manage your sun exposure to treatment areas.  Even so, keep up with the sunblock – especially 72 hours prior to your appointment.

Come spring, you’ll be ready to toss the razor, stop worrying about ingrown hairs, and never face the pain of waxing – it’s time for mini-skirts, bathing suits, and your smooth, bare skin.

During sunnier, warmer months, it’s perfectly fine to continue your LHR regimen.

An easy solution is to focus upon areas that even the skimpiest swimwear covers – armpits, groin, (and for the ladies, areoles.)

Another easy solution is to keep your treatment areas covered as much as possible.  Chill out in the shade, look stunning in that fabulous cover-up, wrap a sarong – save the tanning for after you are hair-free.

If you are sticking to your LHR treatment plan of sun-exposed body areas, double up on the sunscreen.  Use a SPF 30, or higher, mineral block that contains zinc oxide – we have several options, just ask!

Sunless Tanning and Laser Hair Removal

Be sure to tell us about any products you may be using/plan to use.  Chemicals in sunless tanning sprays and bronzing lotions may interact badly with lasers.

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