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skinmedica-scar-recovery-gelScar Recovery Gel with Centelline
Centelline is a synergistic complex comprising Centella asiatica, Bulbine frutescens and Oleuropein, which helps minimize the appearance of scarring caused by minor injuries, cosmetic surgery or c-sections. A key ingredient, Centella asiatica, is an herbal extract and highly effective antioxidant. This treatment gel is clinically proven to address multiple phases of scar formation, dramatically improving the healing process. With continued use, this formula helps improve the appearance of both new and old scars.
• Centelline helps rebalance cells and promote healthy recovery
• Oleuropein, an olive leaf extract, fortifies skin and minimizes pink scars
• Bulbine Frutescens, an African plant sap extract, provides topical support and hydration
• More than 80 percent of treated scars saw notable improvement after six months of use

skinmedica-redness-relief-calmplexRedness Relief CalmPlex
Skin conditions like overall sensitivity and rosacea can cause redness and irritation. This multitasking formula features an exclusive bioactive ingredient, SkinMedica’s CalmPlex, designed to target the underlying causes of inflammation such as the environment and weak blood vessel walls. It strengthens skin’s natural ability to ward off damage with fortifying niacinamide, while glycerin, squalane and jojoba seed oil melts into surface layers to deliver soothing, lightweight hydration. This light cream will never clog pores, making it great for everyday use.

skinmedica-acne-treatment-lotionAcne Treatment Lotion
Contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to control sebum and kill acne-causing bacteria. The special Poly-Pore delivery system ensures product penetration for faster and enhanced results. Botanical extracts soothe and nourish the skin while providing additional anti-acne actions. Natural astringents reduce the look of large pores to create a more even texture and tone. You can apply SkinMedica Acne Treatment on any problem areas to promote a healthy complexion and fewer breakouts. With regular use, the skin becomes healthier and clearer.
• 2.5% benzoyl peroxide reduces bacteria
• Witch hazel tones skin and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores
• Sage leaf extract purifies the complexion

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