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Revepeel Enlighten Rx Depigmentation System

Post-appointment Revepeel Enlighten Rx Depigmentation System

Our Revepeel Enlighten Rx targets hyperpigmentation, dark spots, large pores, melisma, and scarred or dull skin with a two phase treatment.

Phase one of your treatment includes application of your mask in-office and then your removal of it at home following directions from your esthetician.

Home Care RegimenFor phase two, you’ll use the Patient Home Care Regimen which generally lasts about four weeks.

Retinol Essential 1.0%

Contains all-trans retinol, powerful antioxidants, essential amino acids, minerals, and efficient moisturizers of botanical origin. Promotes healthy cell regeneration and collagen production to reduce visible signs of aging, enlarged pores and blemishes.

>> Use in the evening, applying more on dark areas.

Fortified Bleaching Rx HQ 4% or Melasma Minimizing Tx HQ 2%

Botanical moist soothing extracts with strong anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties to prevent irritation and dryness. Prescription strength hydroquinone 4% to effectively reduces the appearance of chloasma, melasma and freckles.

>> Use twice a day, applying more on dark spots.

Post Care System to soothe and protect:

• SilverMoist Cream Cleanser >> 2x day
• SilverMoist Soothing Balm >> 2x day or as needed to aid discomfort or dryness
• EleganceShade Physical SPF 30 >> morning and as needed throughout the day

Silver MoistThe SilverMoist products contain micronized silver, a broad spectrum, anti-microbial that physically clings to skin’s surface, generating silver (Ag) ions to regulate the population of harmful germs. It supports skin’s natural healing process, helps reduce or eliminate itching and redness from inflammation.

What to expect during the first week after your appointment

It is normal to experience redness, swelling, dryness and tightness in the first few days. Apply SilverMoist Soothing Balm as needed. Please contact us if you experience unexpected symptoms.

One to two days after the treatment is applied, the skin will begin to flake and peel. Flaking amounts vary per individual skin conditions.

In one week, you will see the skin beginning to look brighter and more even in tone. The results will continue to improve. You should see full results in four weeks as you complete the accompanied home care products.

• Direct sun exposure and excessive heat for at least four weeks
• Exfoliating products or facial washing devices for four weeks
• Excessive sweating in the first few days after your appointment

See our Peels page for information on our Revepeel Enlighten Rx.

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