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I started at Hayes Valley Medical when I got a Living Social package of facials. I have never become a full-time customer after a Living Social / Groupon / etc experience until now. Holly is terrific! I’ve been now going for months and each time she customizes facials/peels based on what I want and the condition of my skin. She makes thoughtful product suggestions but I never feel pressured to buy a ton of products.
Sidenote: VMV ID Gel is the best.

Gillian H.

Holly and Linda both took such good care of me and gave focused attention to my individual needs. I am super picky and have sensitive skin that I don’t trust with many people.
I have to say that my skin has not looked this good in years, and I will definitely be back. Linda had great follow up after my IPL session and called me back personally to address some of my concerns.
Holly did a follow up microdermabrasion 2 weeks later, and behold- I have beautiful new skin with minimal irritation.
I love the line of skincare products by VMH they have as well which they were happy to give me sample of. I noticed some exciting results and ended up buying a couple of products on my second visit, and I haven’t been so happy with my results.
Thank you!!
Sharon T.

I can’t recommend this place enough. I just had the most amazing facial with Holly. She was sweet, helpful and fantastic at what she does. I will definitely be back. Thank you!
Matthew M.

My experience was positive at so many different levels. The staff are friendly, the place is nice. Linda was very mindful in my treatment plan. Her bedside manner was warm and her medical skills are excellent. I am pleased with my procedure. It looks natural and fresh. I will have my mother from Marin go to her new location in Larkspur. This is defiantly a top of the line establishment.
Lynzie N.

Wow… have I got a secret and surprise to share with you…

I saw my GP Doctor last week. I have been a patient of hers for over 10 years. I see her once to twice a year. Last week was the first time she looked at the chart and asked if they had the wrong year for my birth. She said I looked fantastic. Mind you I am 50 lbs overweight. And she was amazed that I am almost 60.

Hayes Valley Medical & Aesthetics is wonderful. I am a proud beautiful new woman with my glowing skin. Linda is awesome. Actually for me to come out of “Yelp retirement” so to speak she has to be fantastic.

I honestly didn’t pay much attention to my skin until recently. My daughter has been going to Linda for about 8 years and I loved her results I saw in her, however I didn’t think there was much help for me unless I decided to have some plastic surgery done. I really wasn’t crazy about going under the knife and I have seen so many bad PS jobs that end up looking fake I just knew with my luck that is what would happen. Well my daughter road my butt and I went to see Linda for the first time in May of this year. I am sad that I waited so long. I started with Botox and waited for the results. It took a couple of weeks but slowly I started seeing the results.. I did the ole frown test. I did it every day in fact until I started to see results.

Two weeks later I decided after reading and speaking with Linda to give Sculptra a try. Boy… what a difference that has made. I’ve had two treatments and people who I work with, friends, and family are coming up to me and telling me I look so good, I look rested, my checks look perky… I am my worst critic and I see a huge difference. No down time is the best. I went in the afternoon, felt sore the first day, and little sore the second day, no bruising and was back in the office.. Its a slow natural process. I didn’t really care about looking younger I cared more about looking fresher. The younger part is an extra benefit.

Linda is an artist. That is best way I can explain the way she works. An artist will make some strokes on a canvas and stand back and take a look before they make more strokes.. that is what Linda does with your face. She is methodical and detailed. She doesn’t try to sell.. I am very happy.

All I can suggest is if you are considering non-evasive work and you haven’t found your spot yet you should call her for a consult. Thanks… happy face to all of you. I will post before and after pictures in a few weeks. I have one more Sculptra session left.
Robin G.

I’m cautious with injectables and fillers, because we’ve all seen bad results in the wrong hands. Linda Behla carefully examined my skin and facial expressions, complimented my natural features, and suggested that we do a small amount of filler to soften “smile lines” and Botox/Dysport between my eyebrows. I came back a few months later, because I wanted to try a subtle filler for my lips, and she’s the best in town for that.

-Eyes and Smile-Lines: The results were PERFECT. She removed the lines that had been bothering me (I’m a furrower), without looking frozen or filled. My skin just looks healthy and refreshed. She was very careful while injecting, and kept checking to make sure the results were symmetrical.

-Lips: Linda did tiny injections of filler in strategic places along my lips. The results are EXACTLY what I wanted! She gave my lips more definition and volume, but completely natural and balanced.

-Products: I got to take home a bundle of VMV Hypoallergenic samples, which is a line that’s impossible to find around here. I’m going back for a VMV facial with their esthetician, Holly!

Clearly, Linda Behla and Dr. P are in the business to make clients feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied. Their office is bright, artful, and immaculate. Parking is pretty easy (for SF), via meters on the street or the nearby lot. And don’t forget to check out all the shops on Hayes (one block away)!
L. R.

I don’t write many reviews unless service is exceptional. I have been following Linda Behla around the entire Bay area since 2007. I started seeing her while she was in Marin County. When she went to Walnut Creek, I drove there just for her esthetic work. Then she went back to Marin County, and now she has finally landed her big position as co-owner of Hayes Medical in the city. Throughout her transitions, I have had to hunt her down to get my injectables done…that’s how good she is.

Linda is an outstanding esthetician. At my most recent visit with her, I had Linda use filler on my lips – this is where Linda’s talent really shines. I am very particular about how my lips are done. Linda has never given me the “duck bill” and has always made them spot on perfect in my opinion. She is artist-like in her approach to sculpting lips – she really looks at you from every angle and with varying facial expressions. She defines the edges and leaves the lips soft looking. I have been in dentistry for 23 years and completely understand a nice smile line and can conclude that Linda does too.

I also had her inject the Voluma in my cheekbones and other small areas. It was my first time trying this product. I like it in that it smoothed out and filled in the depressions under my eyes and around cheekbones. It seems to have softened my appearance and make me look a little less haggard and fatigued. I will be just as thrilled with this as my lips if it lasts as long (or close to) as the product claims. Lastly, she did Botox on the forehead. Always looks good and even with the brows. And not frozen…the way I like it.

If you’re thinking about this place, I can ultimately recommend Linda’s aesthetic care. She is very personable, listens, is cool, and funny. She really does want you to be satisfied. I can only say that you will most likely be beyond satisfied. Hayes Medical is easy to get to and a nice place as well. And if you read this, Best of luck to you, Linda!!
Lisa L.

I am so happy with the Ulthera treatment that Linda gave me. She took great care and I am very happy with the results. The great thing about Ulthera is that the results get better over time. Most of us are used to looking in the mirror and things get worse as we age, but with Ulthera, at least for the first few months, you look better. Plus, the treatment is completely non-inasive and there is no downtime.
Renee S.

Professional, so attentive and concerned about individual needs. Linda really listened and knows how to give the personal touch. Would recommend to anyone. Yay to convenience of the larkspur location now!
Randy F.

I was at a party a few months ago and noticed how gorgeous one of my friends looked. I asked her if had just returned from vacation or a spa. She was glowing and her face looked relaxed and younger. She told me her secret was Linda at Hayes Valley Medical Asthetics. I called Linda the next day.

On my initial visit I had a consultation. Linda was incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, and kind. I am very picky and slightly obsessive about my skin. I have sensitive skin, I am in my late 40’s and I sometimes have breakouts in addition to aging skin. I was looking for a natural looking treatment to help with some deep wrinkles and sagging skin. I have used Botox and fillers in the past and mostly liked the results but have had treatments from other people that do not look natural enough to me.

After my consultation I could tell Linda really knew her stuff and I was optimistic about her plan. She suggested Sculptra and Botox treatments to achieve the results I was looking for. I didn’t know much about Sculptra. She was incredibly patient with me while I pelted her with questions and concerns. She answered my question and helped come up with a plan that worked around my busy schedule and budget.

Fast forward a couple months….two Sculptra treatments, a little Botox, some carefully selected products and my skin looks better than it has in years. I don’t look” done” or puffy. I just look younger and prettier than before. I even have tightening in my neck and jaw line. I have received so many compliments the last few weeks. I am really seeing a difference.

Linda is a master at what she does. She is gentle and skilled at doing injections. Even the day after both of my Sculptra treatments I had very little swelling. I highly recommend Linda and Sculptra for amazing results that look natural. Thanks Linda!!

Lynn M.

Linda is excellent, very thorough, and kind. She has a maternal presence and is excellent at her job. This was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this place for any of the services they offer.

Anna W.

I’ve had a great experience with my laser hair removal. The treatment has been very effective (unlike my past experience with laser hair removal) and scheduling has been really easy.
Lindsay R.

Linda is a true artisan of the face. I have been seeing her since 2012. She recently recommended Sculptra, supplemented by Botox, and I absolutely love the results. She had an incredible eye for detail and will obsess about getting every injection just right. That’s a good thing! Some may be put off by her efficient manner but hey, if you want to be fawned over, go get a massage. If you want an aesthetic treatment performed by an expert at making faces look younger and better, come see Linda! Holly and Sheila are also very warm and welcoming.

Steffani A.

My first IPL treatment, and I was so nervous. Linda explained everything so well. The appointment was over in a flash and with minimal pain. My face was a little warm for a few hours, but that was it. I am three days out and the dark spots look like they are on the surface. I am looking forward to the next week when they fall off. But, overall there has been little discomfort or inconvenience.Sue W.

Where to begin? 

With the nasolabial folds, of course. Before Linda saved my face (and smarting ego), those folds were settling in for a long winter’s nap — not exactly the sugar-plum vision I wanted dancing in my head — or anyone else’s for that matter: soon enough, with the direction my countenance was determined to head, my droll mouth would indeed be drawn down like a saddening bow — and adorned with a sash, or lady wattle, stealthing upward and onward and downward and utterly wayward — a bane surely impossible to hide with any kerchief or cap.  Fortunately, with a wink of her eye and a deft twist of her wrist, Linda was able, much to my wondering eyes, to dash away, dash away the greater scourges of age. 

And it’s not just the magical manner in which she wields the syringe: Linda is the consummate professional, taking her time to assess and consider and personalize the cure — and ever give me to know I have nothing to dread. Thank you, Linda. I hope the whole of you will fit in my stocking this year.Kris G.

Amazing Experience. Linda is helpful, kind and super on top of things. Great service! I’ve already recommended to friends.Kristy F

Linda Behla is the most skilled nurse I’ve ever known. I’ve visited quite a few skincare salons and have had a myriad of experiences. Most end up using an incorrect amount of product for minimal results. Linda studies your face and has a keen eye for aesthetic, subtle rejuvenation. She is professional, warm and listens patiently to your concerns, offering solutions by price point as well as figuring out creative ways to make your dollar stretch. She is by far THE best!Lisa W

I’ve been going to Linda Behla for injectables and now a series of IPL treatments. I cannot say enough great things about her, from her confidence and expertise to personable approach. She made me feel at ease and was always looking out for my comfort, balanced with her knowledge on how high the intensity needs to be in order to get results! I can tell she really cares that I am happy with my final results and that I am comforted. She is determined to get me younger, clear, spot-free skin! Thank you, Linda!Robin L.

I have to give a shout-out to Linda Behla. 
Her discerning eye and caring attitude was worth the hour-long drive for her injectables.
 I was thrilled as I had seen other aesthetic nurses / MD’s and while they did “fine” work, Linda’s work was always “spot-on” perfect. Never too much or too little. She definitely has an eye for LIPS!  The BEST! 
I LOVE her! She really takes care of me and takes her time; I have no doubt she does the same for all her clients.Lisa G.

I have had the best consultations and treatments with Linda Behla. I was interested in improving my skin, but also a little hesitant because I didn’t know much about the different treatments available. Linda did an amazing job of putting me at ease, explaining what was available, and advising me. She was very good at suggesting what she thought I was ready for (never pushy). Her treatments were wonderful, and I’ve had consistent, noticeable results. Most important, Linda is personable and very easy to talk with. I have sent many of my friends to her, and will continue to do so. Highly recommended!Trine M.

A friend recommended Linda Behla, R.N. and it was love at first visit. Too many years in the California sun has taken its toll on my skin. I wanted to achieve a more even and brighter skin tone. I also wanted an anti-aging skin regime that delivered noticeable results. Linda recommended IPL and I’m simply blown away by the results. I can’t believe how clear my skin looks after just a few treatments.

 Linda also recommended a skincare routine that has been easy to maintain. Every morning when I take care of my skin with the products Linda recommended, I feel like I’m getting a skin treatment. It was a bit of an investment initially but I think it’s worth it to see your best self every time you look in the mirror. 

Linda is also committed to giving you the results you want. She listens, she’s skilled and she wants the very best for her clients. She treated me with such care and was so knowledgeable, I felt completely confident about every procedure and product she recommended. 

Go see Linda and get ready for results.Grace W.

I have been seeing Linda for Laser Hair Removal– the results are fantastic! She really knew how to work with tan skin and dark hair. She walked me through the process, made sure it was economical for me and set goals against each treatment. End result is amazing! She always recommends a consultation to make sure it’s the best fit, I highly recommend Linda if you’re interested in Laser Hair Removal.

 What I think set her a part for me from others, was her experience and knowledge–she understands the complexities of various skin compositions. I met her through a friend who goes to her for Photofacial & Fillers.Indogal I.

Go to see her! I am 36 years old and have just had my 2nd vial of sculptra  2 days ago… I am waiting patiently in between vials and so far so good. The laugh lines or my “nasolabial folds” have been my source of “I feel less than pretty days” and what bothers me the most when I look in the mirror. 

Linda is fabulous and no nonsense. She has a keen eye, sharp analysis, and a feel good opinion of what is best to make you look BEST. 

I think some fillers hold their value for certain areas of your face but they are temporary. Sculptra looks better, lasts longer, and overall helps build and stimulate collagen, or your body’s own repair of collagen. You look natural, enhanced, and plumped. These are my new favorite adjectives.  I will most likely be getting the recommended 3rd vial of Sculptra in month or two. 

Go see her for ALL your face concerns. She will sincerely make your day!Natalie J.

I received a gift certificate and was nervous about even going until they set me up with Linda Behla. I am a total facial virgin. I had never had a facial much less ever wear makeup and Linda walked me through all my options to get the results I wanted. Coming up on one of those big birthdays, I knew it was time to do a little something-something on my face but I didn’t know where to begin. Linda took the time to sit with me and put my mind at ease while giving me some pretty terrific tips. Within a short period of time we put a plan into place to make some changes I desperately needed. Did I mention there consultations are FREE! Having the chance to go in and really understand what I needed without the fee is one of the best parts. They have made me a true believer and a devoted customer.Nicole A.

I love Linda because she tells it to you straight. She told me if I didn’t start using sunblock daily I was going to be in big trouble and you know what? She’s right. At the same time, she is very considerate of my budgetary restrictions and doesn’t make me feel bad if I need to prioritize one treatment over the other or make a “wish list” to wait for future visits. She always makes me aware of special promotions and helps me try new treatments that I might not otherwise have done. I trust her advice as a specialist completely. The ambiance is clean and bright, the location is super convenient, and the front desk staff are competent. I mean really, what more can you ask for?Amy L

Amazing products. I had a consultation by Linda Behla who customized a care plan for my clogged and dull skin. Linda took the time to explain each product, the ingredients in each, which to use together or alone and which not to use. I’m kind of particular on what I put on my skin and Linda took the time to research the products to make sure I wasn’t using things that had ingredients I was worried about. Great custom service, great spa/medical practice with reasonable products that are used and backed by those who work there.Lori M.

Linda was amazing. Knowledgeable, compassionate, down to earth and really was great. She listened to me and had great suggestions too. Loved all the products she recommended and look forward to trying new ones. Whatever your skin needs are, they have everything there and do everything.
 Had a great experience.Jen S.

Linda is an artist when it comes to product and always knows how much, how little, where and where not to use it. She deserves my kudos and more!Kirsten P.

I met Linda Behla, RN, who is an outstanding Aesthetic Nurse Specialist! She is informative, comprehensive, and passionate about her work; she truly cares about her clientele! She is a good listener and builds quick rapport with her clients. It’s nice to have someone you click with who has the skills, knowledge and abilities to walk you through the spa experience. I really feel at ease with Linda and can share my thoughts and concerns. 
Upon Linda’s advice, I tried some new treatments. I am good student of regular skin care, but wanted to try something beyond “home care”. Wow! What a difference! Forget your next pair of shoes and don’t forget to buy the skin care products! Take Linda’s advice and get the results you deserve! My friends and family saw an immediate change in my skin and I felt the money was well spent. I had no idea HOW much an improvement was possible. Looking back at old pictures… Yikes!
Wendy D.

Linda is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, gentle and caring in her work. I used to see Linda at another clinic in SF and now have followed her again. Yeah, she’s that good! 
The next reason is a good enough reason alone to make the drive to the far East Bay; Free Parking…now take that in a moment you city dwellers…Free, basically unlimited parking! Totally hassle free. Go ahead and make an appointment to see Linda for all your needs medical aesthetic needs like Botox, Fillers and all that fun stuff…she’ll make you feel like a million bucks.Simms B.

Linda is absolutely wonderful! You will so thrilled after seeing her!Lauren J.

Linda is knowledgeable and can recommend treatments that make a difference! Linda is a pro at IPL and laser hair removal.  Call now to get ready for summer!Mary B

Linda is amazing–very sweet, gentle, knowledgeable, and skillful. I have always been extremely happy with the choices I’ve made under her guidance, and with the results I’ve seen.Lisa M

My first time! Linda, a true professional, explained in great detail what was realistic or not! Was very impressed that she took an hour and a half explaining skin care and alternative treatments that would suit me personally! I felt I was unique, not just another person walking throught the door!!!Anonymous

Professional IPL with Linda Behla, RN. She took the time she needed in advance to analyze my skin to prepare for optimal results. Looking forward to my results.Anonymous