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  • Marin Body Sculpting Suite

Marin Body Sculpting Suite

The GO-TO place for reaching your body-beautiful goals faster!

Our Marin location Body Sculpting Suite is headed by our own CoolSculpting Master Practitioner, Nicole Territo, LE. She has graduated from two invitation-only Master classes at CoolSculpting University, and she’s treated thousands of body parts and invites you to join her for a complimentary consultation to discuss how fat reduction, muscle building, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening can sculpt your body.

Our suite is designed to give you a relaxing and effective experience:
• You can unwind in comfort and privacy.
• It utilizes the best body treatment technology and products.
• You’ll be hosted and treated by a caring, professional team who listen and work hard to give you the best experience and optimal results.
• We’ve created an environment of trust as you put yourself and your body sculpting goals in the hands of our knowledgeable, continually trained experts.

Our suite is outfitted with TWO CoolSculpting machines, EMSculpt, and ZWavePRO.

Why two CoolSculpting machines? Well, a CoolSculpting experience in our well-appointed and comfortable suite is relaxing “me-time”, but the appointments can be long, so by using two machines at once, we can cut hours off your treatment time.

Add ZWave to your CoolSculpting treatments, and you’ll double the rate of fat absorption. This was discovered by PRIME, the anti-aging journal, who published a study showing that ZWave can have a significant impact upon CoolSculpting’s fat absorption speed. The study compared CoolSculpting followed immediately by a 3-minute ZWave session vs CoolSculpting without ZWave and found that it doubled the rate of fat absorption.

ZWave can also:
• treat cellulite
• aid lymphatic drainage
• tighten and smooth skin
• improve circulation
• break down fat
• increase new collagen production

EMSculpt builds muscle and reduces fat and is FDA-cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

Just a few of EMSculpt’s benefits:
• boost metabolism
• build muscle
• evident results quickly
• decades of use and studies
• can treat diastasis recti

The technological advances are not limited to our body sculpting devices as our products are also cutting-edge and scientifically sound. Nicole and her team have an arsenal of products available to enhance your body sculpting results.

Body Treatment Products

We recommend Alastin Procedure Enhancement Skincare’s TransFORM Body Treatment prior to, during, and after your CoolSculpting treatments to accelerate the body’s natural process of post-procedure fat debris removal. See the clinical study results which back up this claim.

Hayes Valley Medical SkinCare’s Retinol Smoothing Body Lotion improves the appearance of sagging skin, making it look firmer and tighter.

Revision Skincare’s Nectifirm® ADVANCED uses groundbreaking, first-of-its kind technology by tapping into the potential of the skin’s microbiome to help combat the visible signs of moderate-to-advanced aging on the neck.

Skinade Skin Care Drink is a multi-award winning, anti-aging collagen drink. Better skin from within!

SkinCeutical’s Body Tightening Concentrate is formulated for loose, sagging skin, and cellulite.

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