Director of Esthetics, Coolsculpting Specialist, and VMV Hypoallergenics Brand Educator , Holly Byerly, picks VMV Illuminants Cleansing Cream as April's Staff Product Pick.

"I love this product for use before facial peels or resurfacing facials in the treatment room. For home use, it sets the skins PH level right where it needs to be to get the most out of your retinoid or AHA/BHA treatment products.

It really does brighten skin and gives a gorgeous glow! I've gotten so many of my clients, friends and family hooked on this cleanser. "

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While supplies last, receive a gift of VMV Illuminants Face-Hand-Body Lotion (value $75) with the purchase of a full-size VMV Illuminants Cleansing Cream.

Illuminants Cleansing Cream: A neutralizing, soothing cream cleanser made specifically for skin being treated with active products such as retinoids, glycolics, or other acids. Keeps skin within one safe pH range during active therapy (high-pH soaps can cause irritations).

Virgin coconut oil plus antioxidant green tea, vitamin C + phytic acid soothe and help promote healing.
Gentle exfoliation + mild doses of unbuffered glycolic acid + 2 tyrosinase inhibitors prepare skin for, complement and optimize other active treatment products.

Your gift with purchase - Face-Hand-Body Lotion: Brightens skin beautifully. Results in clearer, tone-balanced skin that looks younger, notably more vibrant + radiant due to lighter, healthier cells.

A common problem of lightening therapy is getting the active ingredients deep enough in the skin to be effective. Unbuffered (undiluted) glycolic acid deposits the tyrosinase inhibitors deeper in the skin while also forcing newer, brighter, healthier cells to the skin's surface.

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