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cryotherapyCryotherapy, using nitrous oxide (N2O), is the standard recommended procedure for the removal of skin lesions at dermatology practices.

FreezPen allows us to work with far more precision than the usual cumbersome liquid nitrogen devices, which can over-freeze an area causing collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissue. We are able to pinpoint lesions and other growths down to the millimeter with a targeted treatment administered by an exactly sized applicator delivering safe and effective nitrous oxide. Each application requires just a few seconds – no anesthesia needed.

Skin imperfections are quickly and safely removed:
• pigmented lesions
• solar lentigo
• hemangiomas
• actinic and seborrheic keratosis
• benign lesions

cryosurgery-before and after
Our practice will remove lesions for cosmetic improvement after a consultation, but does not biopsy or diagnose any medical condition.