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Council of Europe Resolution (CoE ResAP) (2008)

Why do you want your brows to be microbladed using inks regulated and awarded by The European Commission, rather than any U.S. regulator?

Because permanent makeup has been popular in Europe far longer than here; they have developed experience, knowledge, and wisdom making them expert in regulating the product and keeping it as safe as possible for consumers. Their regulations are more strict and more practiced than those in North America, and definitely much more vetted than what can be purchased from unknown sources online.

Protect yourself by being aware of the quality of the inks as well as the licensing of the artist, and the permits held by any business claiming to perform eyebrow microblading.

According to The European Commission, The Council of Europe Resolution (CoE ResAP) (2008) is an internationally recognized benchmark. It includes regulation of substances that should never be allowed in permanent makeup inks, as well as maximum concentrations of possible impurities.

Under the ResAP inks are tested for (amongst other things), cacogenics, unhealthy dyes, metals, and sterility. It also considers hygienics, packaging, labeling, risk assessment, and information requirements. To receive the needed rating, permanent makeup ink must not endanger the health or safety of persons or the environment.

The ink we use for our microblading service is Tina Davis Permablend. As well as passing the ResAP(2008) regulations, it is sterilized by gamma radiation.

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