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AGNES RF for Active Acne - before and afterWhat Is AGNES RF?

Say “goodbye” to acne for good!

Agnes RF is a radiofrequency, precision microneedling device known for its breakthroughs in the safe, fast, and effective treatment of active acne. It is appropriate for all skin tones and requires little downtime.

Sebaceous glands, which secrete pore-clogging sebum that contributes to pimples and blackheads, are necessary for healthy skin—but not all the thousands you have. Agnes RF destroys an optimum number of sebaceous glands, leaving you with healthy skin and less chance of future breakouts.

It is also effective on a wide range of other cosmetic skin concerns.

Which active acne conditions can be treated?

• cystic acne
• inflammatory acne
• blackheads
• large pores
• syringomas

Is Agnes RF right for me?

Patients under the age of 18 require parent or guardian consent. No skin type is excluded.

Key Benefits and Typical Results

• fully customizable
• short treatment sessions
• safe and predictable precision technology
• noticeable improvement to active acne after just one treatment
• permanent

How do I prepare for treatment?

A complimentary consultation is required prior to treatment.

AGNES RF for Active Acne - How it worksWhat happens during treatment?

Many Agnes RF treatments require only numbing cream to be comfortably tolerated; occasionally local anesthesia injections are used. For the actual treatment, a customized needle configuration is inserted into the acne follicle and the machine is triggered with a precise number of pulses depending on the area being treated.

It only takes around twenty minutes to treat the entire face and results can be seen after one treatment.

Follow-up Treatment

Agnes RF acne protocols require a follow up visit 24 to 48 hours after your initial treatment for a lighter bipolar RF treatment as well as gland drainage.

Post-treatment care or downtime?

Typically, for one to three days after your treatment, you’ll have mild redness, which can be covered with make-up or tinted moisturizer. No after-care plan is usually needed.

How long until I see results?

The noticeable result on your acne may be seen immediately, and within a few weeks, you’ll enjoy the optimal results.

How long will results last?

Because Agnes RF permanently removes sebaceous glands, you’ll always have less problematic sebum and clogging. Good skin for good!

How many treatments will I need?

Results will vary, but typically, to fully treat active acne, two to three treatments are required.

What is the science?

The technology behind Agnes RF was developed by a Korean dermatologist, Dr. Gun Young Ahn. He was aware of the success of microneedling radiofrequency, and also that it sometimes helped acne when the treatment destroyed the gland, but could also worsen acne if the treatment heated the gland without destroying it. His studies showed that targeting a specific temperature caused selective, precise destruction of sebaceous glands, without harming the surrounding tissue.

Dr. Gun Young Ahn’s R&D culminated in the development of new technology to successfully treat active acne – Agnes RF.